Hampshire Wedding Photographer – best of 2018!

Hampshire Wedding Photographer – best of 2018

O my goodness – how do I even begin to put into words how amazing 2018 has been?! First of all, the year FLEW by, I can’t believe I’m sat at my desk again contacting all of my lovely 2019 couples to book in their planning meetings when I was only here doing this for the 2018 guys 5 minutes ago. This year just seemed really easy, with gorgeous weather, gorgeous venues and even more gorgeous couples with big smiles and even bigger hearts. I’ve honestly loved this year so, so much.

I’ll never ever take for granted the trust my couples give to me with capturing their most awesome day – I know what a privilege and honour this is. You allow me to do something that makes me truly happy in a vocation that I love, so for that I thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

So to each and everyone of my fabulous 31 couples in 2018, THANK YOU, and the happiest of New Years. Ooh, and…can you spot you??

Love, Mia xx

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Esseborne Manor – Jane & Adam

Esseborne_Manor_001Jane & Adam’s wedding was my first ever at Esseborne Manor, and I certainly hope it’ll be first of many! I don’t think I’ve ever shot a wedding before which felt so much like ‘home’ – it’s a smallish venue with a beautiful garden, and because of it’s size it felt like a wedding in a holiday retreat, plus I loved that fact that so many guests could stay over, giving the whole day a real holiday vibe.

Jane & Adam hand made all of their funky signs and completely covered the place in flowers so the whole venue looked beautiful, and totally suited their laid back English tea style wedding breakfast.

I also got to work with one of my favourite make-up artists, Frances – check out Jane’s glittery eyes! She looked absolutely amazing.

A big thank you too to Clare for second shooting for me, some of these photos are her’s.

If you’d like to speak to me about capturing your wedding at Esseborne Manor, feel free to email me here.

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