My approach

My approach comes straight from my heart. I love weddings, I love romance, and I
love… LOVE! This is one of the things which I believe sets me apart from other
photographers… I have over 17 years’ experience and my utter delight in
photographing your day is still unwavering. I adore what I do, and it shines
through my work. 
My photographic style is contemporary with a touch of romance, bringing in
colour and hazy sunlight, capturing real emotions in the moment, and reflecting
your own personal style and warmth in every shot. The fact that I’ve been doing
this job for so long means I have tackled just about every tricky lighting or
weather condition you can imagine. Touch wood no disasters befall your magical
moment but, pouring rain or brutal sun, I know how to deal with whatever the
day throws at me – and help you through it too!

My sole purpose during your wedding is to capture your day – each one of those
magical moments – naturally, beautifully, and authentically.

I know you – my clients – aren’t (usually) professional models and this means it can sometimes feel awkward posing or knowing what to do when I raise the camera.
Don’t worry! It’s my job to gently guide you through everything, capturing you
and your partner genuinely and flatteringly.
I don’t think I’ve met a couple yet who said, “I just LOVE having my photo taken!”
so you’re not alone if it’s not your favourite thing to do in the world! But I
absolutely promise I’ll make it fun.


I couldn’t have asked for a lovelier lady to work with and we honestly couldn’t have dreamed of such beautiful pictures.


Hi, I’m Mia!


So, this is me. I’m a person much more comfortable being behind the camera rather than in front of it!
I’m mum to two little monkeys (who keep growing bigger!) and a husband who – even after more than 18 years of being together – is, I SWEAR, getting hotter by
the year (which is both thrilling and depressing).
I love wearing dresses with colourful prints and I honestly don’t even own a pair of trousers (apart from my fun pjs… but do they really count?).
You’ll be able to tell from my style, but I absolutely have a thing for joyful colour, so my house is super bright and vibrant, with hot pink and turquoise being my
absolute faves.

Mia Hooper

I love nothing more than getting dressed up and going out for a fancy meal with friends, as well as a gin or three. Oh, and cheese. 
We have a grumpy old black cat called Sookie who – like any cat worth her salt – loves and barely
tolerates us in equal measures. 
Most of all I am a social gal and simply love being around people. Being a wedding photographer is one of the most people-y jobs in the world and it suits me down to the ground. I can’t imagine doing anything else. 

As you can see I am married!

Here’s me with my lovely husband Bolo on our wedding day back in 2010. A time when people planned weddings without pintestest and Insta, can you believe it?! It still remains one of the best and most fun days of my life and I can’t wait to make sure you feel the same way too.

Ooh, and then there were 4.

These are our little guys, Ted & Betsey. I know I’m bias but they are THE BEST! They make us laugh everyday and we love everything about them.