Hi, I’m Mia!

I had to have a glass of wine to write this because it’s super cringe, ha!

So this is me, the person much more comfortable being behind the camera rather than in front of it.

Mum of 2 little monkeys and a husband who after 17 years of being together is getting hotter by the year which is equally thrilling and depressing.

I love wearing dresses with colourful prints and don’t even own a pair of trousers (well pyjama bottoms, does that count?)

I have a thing for colour so my house is super bright and colourful, hot pink and turquoise being the favs. Plus the odd rainbow thrown in for good measure.

I love nothing more than getting dressed up and going out for a fancy meal with friends and love a gin or 3. O, AND CHEESE.

Also a cat Mum to Sookie who loves and tolerates us in equal measures. 

Most of all I just love being around people, and being a wedding photographer is the most people-y of jobs I could think of. It suits me down to the ground and I can’t imagine doing anything else, ever.


I couldn’t have asked for a lovelier lady to work with and we honestly couldn’t have dreamed of such beautiful pictures.


My approach


I love colour and hazy sunlight, so my photos are often dreamy and warm. If I had to categorise my style of photography I’d probably have to say contemporary with a touch of the romantic and a big dollop of colour.

One of the things which I believe sets me apart from the many other photographers out there, is the fact that I’ve been doing this job for 17 fantastic years. It’s given me an incredible amount of experience so I really have tackled just about every tricky lighting or weather condition you can imagine… so pouring rain or brutal sun, I know how to deal with whatever the day throws at me!

Mia Hooper

My main aim during a wedding, is to capture your day naturally, beautifully, and authentically. My clients aren’t professional models – they don’t usually know how to pose or what to do, so it’s my job to gently guide you through everything, capturing you and your partner genuinely and flatteringly. I don’t think I’ve met a couple yet who have said “I just LOVE having my photo taken!” so you’re not alone if it’s not your favourite thing to do in the world, but I promise I’ll make it fun.

So, why should you book me over the trillion squillion other photographers out there? Well, I truly believe that I am a little different, in that I put YOUR enjoyment of YOUR wedding at the absolute heart of everything I do. Yes, of course it’s crucial that I take gorgeous wedding photos that I know you want and will treasure forever, but I can promise you this: I’m not going to get them by making you stand around for an age doing group shots or by taking you away from your guests for hours on end. I’ve been doing this job for long enough that I know exactly how to get fresh, authentic and beautiful photos, quickly. I won’t fuss and flap about; I’ll get what I know you’ll love and then you’ll be back partying with your friends again in a jiffy.

As you can see I am married!

Here’s me with my lovely husband Bolo on our wedding day back in 2010. A time when people planned weddings without pintestest and Insta, can you believe it?! It still remains one of the best and most fun days of my life and I can’t wait to make sure you feel the same way too.

Ooh, and then there were 4.

These are our little guys, Ted & Betsey. I know I’m bias but they are THE BEST! They make us laugh everyday and we love everything about them.