Winchester College Wedding – Kat & Mike

winchester_college_wedding_001I was extremely lucky and privileged to get to photograph Kat & Mike’s gorgeous day at Winchester College – not least because so few people get to be married there, as you have to be associated with the college in some way. Since Kat’s Dad is one of the lecturers there, she had known since she was a little girl that one day she would like to say ‘I do’ in the grand chapel before holding the party in the expanse of grounds and beautiful Musa. We made the most of the area by taking their photos in the pretty flower beads and around the very old walls.

A very special day, thank you for letting me be a tiny part of it. A big thank you to Julie too for second shooting for me that day.

winchester_college_wedding_002 winchester_college_wedding_003 winchester_college_wedding_004 winchester_college_wedding_005 Kat&Mike-069_Mia-Photography Kat&Mike-082_Mia-Photography Kat&Mike-085_Mia-Photography Kat&Mike-094_Mia-Photography Kat&Mike-102_Mia-Photography Kat&Mike-112_Mia-Photography Kat&Mike-122_Mia-Photography Kat&Mike-141_Mia-Photography Kat&Mike-154_Mia-Photography Kat&Mike-209_Mia-Photography Kat&Mike-248_Mia-Photography Kat&Mike-285_Mia-Photography Kat&Mike-350_Mia-Photography Kat&Mike-356_Mia-Photography Kat&Mike-363_Mia-Photography Kat&Mike-378_Mia-Photography Kat&Mike-406_Mia-Photography Kat&Mike-422_Mia-Photography Kat&Mike-453_Mia-Photography Kat&Mike-463_Mia-Photography Kat&Mike-485_Mia-Photography Kat&Mike-488_Mia-Photography Kat&Mike-562_Mia-Photography Kat&Mike-570_Mia-Photography Kat&Mike-584_Mia-Photography Kat&Mike-594_Mia-Photography Kat&Mike-615_Mia-Photography Kat&Mike-633_Mia-Photography Kat&Mike-635_Mia-Photography Kat&Mike-649_Mia-Photography

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