Beaulieu Treehouse Wedding Photography – Kate & John

treehouse_wedding_beaulieu_001Kate & John’s Treehouse wedding in Beaulieu was seriously brilliant in so, so many ways. Not least because they picked one of the most unusual and quirky venues in Hampshire – how utterly wonderful to get married in a treehouse above the trees!? This wedding had loads of fabulous touches, like superhero details and Lego men favors…o, and a 1990’s music evening sound track! This is exactly the type of wedding where I wish I’d been a guest, SO much fun! I absolutely loved the fact they did their speeches around the fire pit in the evening over cups of hot cider, heaven 🙂

Congratulations you two, what a perfect day. Thank you to my lovely Ange for helping me shoot part of the day, some of these photos are her’s.

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Fanny’s Farm Shop Wedding – Asha & Tom

Fanny's Farm shopAsha & Tom’s treehouse wedding at Fanny’s Farm Shop in Surrey was quite possibly one of my favourite weddings of all time. Ever. Honestly – what’s NOT to love?! These guys are two of the kindest and sweetest people you’ll ever meet and they absolutely did their day, their way.

Asha & Tom only booked me for their wedding a few weeks before the big day, because they actually went from boyfriend and girlfriend to engaged to married in just 6 weeks. SIX WEEKS! They knew they wanted something small and very casual, and so they booked Fanny’s Farm Shop in Surrey with just 10 guests of their very closest family, and said their vows in a tiny treehouse with a real tree inside. Never before have I had to shoot a ceremony whilst practicing my bendy ninja skills to navigate around a massive tree! Fanny’s Farm Shop is a real working farm with chickens and pigs and a wonderful selection of jams and preserves. It also has the most eclectic selection of props I’ve ever seen, check out the random pair of legs sticking out a plant pot! A lot of the decor is World War 1 memorabilia with lots of weird and wonderful nicknacks nailed to the walls – it reminded me of that scene in Return To Oz where Dorothy has to touch the ornaments and guess which one was really the Scarecrow.

After Asha & Tom tied the knot, their guests enjoyed hot tea and cakes in a little hut before Tom stood up and said a few loving words. When it came to cutting the cake they had everyone in hysterics with a musical knife cutter which played Here Comes The Bride, and I am now most definitely on the look out for one of these myself 🙂 Soon after we all left as Asha and Tom got ready to take their guests out for a meal and the on for a game of bowling. See! The coolest wedding ever 🙂 I definitely can’t recommend Fanny’s Farm Shop enough if you’re looking for a small and quirky wedding venue.

Thank you so much you gorgeous pair, I loved every minute of it xx

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