The Kings Arms Hotel, Christchurch – Natalie & Jed

The Kings Arms Hotel, Christchurch – Natalie & Jed

the-kings-arms-christchurch-001O my goodness, what can I say about Natalie & Jed’s AMAZING wedding at The Kings Arms Hotel in Christchurch?! Everything about their day was completely unique, and I can honestly say without a doubt that their Gothic inspired skull decor was the most incredible I’ve ever seen and was just so damn rock n’ roll!! The super talented Owen from Little Lillies had a field day getting his teeth into the styling; if you want something a bit different, he’s certainly your man.

Jed and Natalie said their vows in the Pavilion just across the road from the hotel before everyone enjoyed hot cider out on the lawn whilst we took photos. Almost stealing the show was their beloved dog, Indi, who arrived just in time to be in some of the photos, before everyone made their way to The Kings Arms and into the warm.

You could literally see the delight on everyone’s faces as they gazed at the table decorations in the wedding breakfast room, I don’t think anyone had seen anything like it before! As avid tattoo fans, Jed & Nat had given their guests favours of tattoo sleeves in their mini coffin boxes – I think the Nan’s in the room enjoyed putting these on the most!

What an amazing day, thank you SO much for letting me be a little bit part of it xxx

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