Ashley Wood Farm Wedding – Iske & Tom

Ashley Wood Farm Wedding – Iske & Tom

ashley_wood_farm_001Ashley Wood Farm is one of my absolute favourite venues of all time, and so when Iske & Tom asked me to capture their day, I was squeeee excited! I actually think that, of all the amazing venues I get to see week on week, that if I were to get married again now, Ashley Wood Farm would be ‘the one’ 🙂 Something about those duck egg blue barn doors – I just love ’em!

Everything about their wedding was just gorgeous, from the venue itself to the styling and decor – ooh and the cake table! We also got the most beautiful golden sunset, and all my clients will know how happy I am when we get golden hour!

Thank you for choosing me guys, I absolutely loved this wedding. A big thank you to my fabulous assistant Dan for helping me, some of these photos are his.

If you’d like to speak to me about shooting your wedding at Ashley Wood Farm, contact me via my website here.

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