My Top 5 Wedding Venues in Hampshire

My Top 5 Wedding Venues in Hampshire

Top 5 wedding venues hampshire

Since starting my wedding photographer journey nearly 15 years ago, I’ve been lucky enough to visit many, many wonderful wedding venues around Hampshire, so I thought it was high time I compiled a little list of my favourites to give any new Brides and Grooms some ideas of venues to visit. So first up, drum roll…


Clock Barn

Clock Barn in Whitchurch has got to be at the top of my list – I always shoot around half of my weddings here every year and I bloomin’ love it. In fact, I’m practically part of the furniture.

clock barn

Just look how beautiful it is inside! It’s absolutely perfect for a rustic, Hampshire barn style wedding. The ceiling is super high so the room feels very light and spacious and you can opt to keep or take down the neutral white bunting. I love it when couples hang flowers down from the ceiling too, not only does it look beautiful but it smells amazing as well!

Clock Barn in Hampshire

top 5

One of the best things about a Clock Barn wedding is that there are so many gorgeous little areas for photos – from the main road outside which is shrouded in trees to the willow and the flowers out the front to the textured rustic barns… there’s even a cornfield in the summer! Clock Barn has everything you could want for a beautiful, rustic barn wedding, and I haven’t even mentioned how amazing the food is yet!

Clock Barn Hampshire Hampshire Barn

Penton Park

Penton Park in Andover is an absolute gem of a wedding venue. A private house sitting on top of rolling Hampshire hills, the house can be hired for exclusive use for couples to get ready in, married and party.

Penton park

The gardens are green and beautiful, with the option to marry in the great outdoors or in the elegant dining room. The best part is that it’s so customizable; want to get married outside and then have a pcinic? No problem! Want to get married indoors with only 20 people and then have banquet late in the evening? Sure!

Penton Park hampshire Wedding house hampshire

Penton Park has a wonderfully homely feeling – you’re made to feel completely and totally welcome by the team who run it so it’s always one of my favoutire places to visit.

Penton Park Penton Park house

Beaulieu Treehouses

And now for something completely different! Beaulieu Treehouses in The New Forest is a completely unique and unusual venue, and absolutely perfect if you’re looking fr something a little bit quirky!

Beaulieu Treehouses

It’s impossible to show how fab the treehouses are from photos because their mostly hidden in trees…which is the best bit! The wedding ceremony can take place in either treehouse depending on number of guests which people can access by wither walking up the ramps or braving it across the rope bridge. After the ceremony, guests are usually encouraged to walk back down to ground level where everyone can tuck into canapes after giving the wedded couple a good old confetti soaking.

Beaulieu Treehouses new forest Beaulieu Treehouses wedding

One of my favourite things about Beaulieu Treehouses is that just a little further into the woods is a fire pit, which is perfect for gathering around for the speeches. In practical terms it gives the venue staff an opportunity to get the rooms ready for the party whist you and your guests can huddle together, keeping warm over the fire, sharing speeches and hot mulled cider.

top 5 Beaulieu Treehouses

Rhinefield House

Rhinefield House in The New Forest is a glorious building – in fact it looks more like a castle than a house with the longest and most alluring driveway I’ve ever seen. The gardens are simply perfect, with a huge carp pond in the middle and it’s iconic blue gates at the bottom. Recently, couples can get married outside which has become hugely popular, so guests get to really use and appreciate the gorgeous grounds of the venue.

Rhinefield House

If getting married outside isn’t your thing or if the weather isn’t ideal, then ceremonies take place inside the grand dining hall. Dark paneled with a huge window and chandeliers, this room has a real historic feel to it – check out that amazing fireplace!

Rhinefield House new forestRhinefield House weddingRhinefield House wedding

I’ve always been spoiled for choice with where to do my couples shots at Rhinefield because there are so may beauty spots, so I always take my couples out for a little wander round the gardens and sometimes out into the New Forest area too. My favourite time of the day for couples shots is just as the sun is starting to make it’s way down so the light is soft and extra flattering, and if we’re lucky we might even get some gold in the sky.

Rhinefield House wedding at Rhinefield House

Lainston House

Lainston House in Winchester is a wedding venue with everything…literally everything! Not only does it have the most beautiful gardens and country views but there’s a ruined stone castle-like building in the grounds which makes for a wonderful backdrop to the photos.

Lainston House

There are so many beautiful rooms too; there’s the tastefully decorate hotel part but also a barn you can hold the reception in, plus you can opt to have the wedding ceremony outside so there really is something for everyone’s tastes.

Lainston House wedding

Lainston House winchesterLainston House wedding photography

I’ve shot all of these venues multiple times and highly recommend each one. They often have open days so the best thing to do is check their social media and see when you can take a nosey around. Feel free to ask me any questions, happy wedding planning!

If you’d like to send me an enquiry for your wedding, feel free to get in touch via my contact page here.