The Sandbanks Hotel Wedding – Amy & Tom

The Sandbanks HotelGoodness me! What a BEAUTIFUL wedding Amy and Tom had this July in the wonderful The Sandbanks Hotel here on the South Coast. This incredible wedding venue is sat right on the edge of the beach in Poole overlooking the world famous Sandbanks Beach. The couple could not have asked for better weather; totally tropical temperatures and glorious sun shine made it feel just like a holiday. Absolute bliss!

Laid back romantics suit beach weddings and Amy and Tom fitted that ticket on their wedding day! Gentle tropic pink tones complemented beach blues and grays, we could have been in the Caribbean! The bridesmaids looked lovely in their pale pink hues, and the lace gown Amy fell in love with is just stunning. I love the shots on the beach with day trippers and holidaymakers in the background, just adds to the sense that these guys were doing something extra special! How many of us are lucky enough to say we strolled hand in hand on the beach moments after getting married? Just perfect.

In keeping with Amy and Tom’s tropical beach setting a steel band entertained the guests and later the lucky friends and family were again thoroughly entertained by a brilliant magician. I have studied the photos very carefully and I still can’t work out how he did it! Amazing! The whole day had an atmosphere beach and romance and just gorgeousness the little shells and pearls finishing off the look in the dining room were just perfect.

Thanks for letting me be a part of your special day guys x

Thank you to Clare as always for second shooting part of the day, some of these photos are hers.

If you’d like to speak to me about shooting your beachy wedding or your wedding at The Sandbanks hotel, feel free to get in touch!

The Sandbanks Hotel wedding The Sandbanks Hotel wedding photography

Beach Weddings Bournemouth – Vicky & Simon

Beach-weddings-bournemouth-001Beach Weddings Bournemouth is one of my all time favourite venues, and so when Vicky & Simon asked me to capture their late August wedding this year I was delighted! This venue never disappoints and has the most wonderful team of staff who are always on hand to help in anyway they can.

Vicky got ready with her bridesmaid at The Marriott Hotel which is just above Beach Weddings Bournemouth on the cliff top, before traveling down in the lifts to walk along the sand, arm in arm with her Dad, to meet Simon at the bottom of the aisle. Friends and family were then treated to ice creams on the beach before going inside for a delicious BBQ and some very funny and heartfelt speeches. A gorgeous day, thank you so much for letting Dan and I be a tiny part of it xx

If you’d like to chat to me about photographing your wedding at Beach Weddings Bournemouth, please drop me an email here.

Beach-weddings-bournemouth-002 Beach-weddings-bournemouth-003 Beach-weddings-bournemouth-004 Beach-weddings-bournemouth-005 Beach-weddings-bournemouth-006 Beach-weddings-bournemouth-007 Beach-weddings-bournemouth-008 Beach-weddings-bournemouth-009 Beach-weddings-bournemouth-010 Simon&Vicky-176_Mia-Photography Simon&Vicky-179_Mia-Photography Simon&Vicky-196_Mia-Photography Simon&Vicky-224_Mia-Photography Simon&Vicky-228_Mia-Photography Simon&Vicky-234_Mia-Photography Simon&Vicky-256_Mia-Photography Simon&Vicky-266_Mia-Photography Simon&Vicky-269_Mia-Photography Simon&Vicky-273_Mia-Photography Simon&Vicky-279_Mia-Photography Simon&Vicky-288_Mia-Photography Simon&Vicky-306_Mia-Photography Simon&Vicky-329_Mia-Photography Simon&Vicky-386_Mia-Photography Simon&Vicky-387_Mia-Photography Simon&Vicky-399_Mia-Photography Simon&Vicky-493_Mia-Photography

Beach Weddings Bournemouth Wedding – Kate & Ed

Beach-weddings-Bournemouth-Wedding-001Ahhh, I love a Beach Weddings Bournemouth wedding! So I was over the moon when the lovely Kate & Ed asked me to photograph theirs this summer. Although it promised to rain, the sunshine just about held out and everyone was thankfully able to enjoy the beach without getting wet. Kate’s Mum had organised her a horse and carriage as a surprise to get from The Norfolk Hotel in Bournemouth to the beach, something which Kate had dreamed of ever since she was a child! Ed was also able to enjoy it and they both took a ride around the sights of Bournemouth after the ceremony and before everyone went in for dinner.

Everything about this wedding was beautiful and Kate & Ed were certainly one of the happiest couples I’ve ever had the pleasure to photograph. A big thank you to Clare too who second shot this wedding with me, some of these photos are taken by her.

If you’d like to speak to me about photographing your Beach Weddings Bournemouth wedding, feel free to contact me here.

Beach-weddings-Bournemouth-Wedding-002 Beach-weddings-Bournemouth-Wedding-003 Beach-weddings-Bournemouth-Wedding-004 Beach-weddings-Bournemouth-Wedding-005 Beach-weddings-Bournemouth-Wedding-006 Beach-weddings-Bournemouth-Wedding-007 Beach-weddings-Bournemouth-Wedding-008 Beach-weddings-Bournemouth-Wedding-009 Beach-weddings-Bournemouth-Wedding-010 Ed&Kate-152_Mia-Photography Ed&Kate-182_Mia-Photography Ed&Kate-190_Mia-Photography Ed&Kate-197_Mia-Photography Ed&Kate-220_Mia-Photography Ed&Kate-249_Mia-Photography Ed&Kate-302_Mia-Photography Ed&Kate-309_Mia-Photography Ed&Kate-365_Mia-Photography Ed&Kate-371_Mia-Photography Ed&Kate-386_Mia-Photography Ed&Kate-393_Mia-Photography Ed&Kate-429_Mia-Photography Ed&Kate-464_Mia-Photography Ed&Kate-467_Mia-Photography Ed&Kate-473_Mia-Photography Ed&Kate-507_Mia-Photography Ed&Kate-518_Mia-Photography Ed&Kate-525_Mia-Photography Ed&Kate-532_Mia-Photography Ed&Kate-539_Mia-Photography Ed&Kate-542_Mia-Photography Ed&Kate-552_Mia-Photography Ed&Kate-555_Mia-Photography Ed&Kate-570_Mia-Photography Ed&Kate-579_Mia-Photography Ed&Kate-679_Mia-Photography Ed&Kate-683_Mia-Photography Ed&Kate-687_Mia-Photography Ed&Kate-697_Mia-Photography Ed&Kate-738_Mia-Photography Ed&Kate-756_Mia-Photography

Beach Wedding Photography – Gavin & Nicky

2014-11-03_0044All weddings are beautiful but Nicky & Gavin’s beach wedding at Camber Sands in Rye, East Sussex was just magical. Beautiful and magical. On the run up to the wedding I had my fingers tightly crossed for sunshine because I knew Nicky and Gavin had their hearts set on an outdoors wedding in the sandbanks by the shore and luckily the got the warm and sunny day they wanted.

Everyone got ready at The Gallivant Hotel just opposite the beach where the reception would later also be held. Nicky’s bridesmaids all got dressed in their tropical red dresses which matched the amazing Hawaiian looking flowers perfectly, by Cafe Des Fleurs whilst the boys carried over the wooden arbor which would later be the setting for their vows. Once everyone was ready, Nicky, her Dad and maids walked up over the sandbanks to their waiting friends and family and a happy Gav, to say their heartfelt vows to each other.

After the ceremony, the party quickly began with a Caribbean style steel band called One Island who got everyone up on their feet and dancing to the rhythm. Whilst everyone was having ice cold beers and snacks we took the opportunity to take some family photos as well as having a paddle in the sea for their couple shots.

When it was time for dinner everyone walked across the road to The Gallivant Hotel where they had their meal, before speeches ensued and the party began. What a perfect day!

Thank you so much for welcoming Clare and I, we had so much fun with you guys. A big thank you too to Clare West who second shot for me, some of these photos are her’s xx

Beach wedding photographybeach weddingThe Gallivant hotel wedding photographythe gallivant hotel2014-11-03_00262014-11-03_00272014-11-03_00282014-11-03_00292014-11-03_00302014-11-03_00312014-11-03_00322014-11-03_00332014-11-03_00342014-11-03_00352014-11-03_00362014-11-03_00372014-11-03_00382014-11-03_00392014-11-03_00402014-11-03_00412014-11-03_00422014-11-03_00432014-11-03_00452014-11-03_00462014-11-03_00472014-11-03_00482014-11-03_00492014-11-03_00502014-11-03_00512014-11-03_00522014-11-03_00532014-11-03_00542014-11-03_00552014-11-03_00562014-11-03_00572014-11-03_00582014-11-03_00592014-11-03_0060

Beach Weddings Bournemouth – Rob & Natalie

Of all the amazing venues I get to photograph weddings at, I have to say Beach Weddings Bournemouth is one of my very, very favourites! So when Natalie and Rob asked me to capture their wedding this summer I was super excited to get the opportunity shoot there again and to work with Melanie and her wonderful team.

Natalie got ready just up the cliffs at The Bournemouth Marriott Hotel before getting the lift down on to the sands with her family and maids. Check out Natalie’s INCREDIBLE shell bouquet which her Mum made for her and the girls – I’ve never seen anything like it! When Natalie showed me her dress I was completely speechless; it just worked perfectly and fitted her so well. It was custom designed by The Couture Company and just complimented the beach theme so, so well.

Natalie thought of every detail like handing the guests lollipops on their way into the ceremony room and finding special wedding themed flop-flops. One of the most fun ideas she had was to take a ‘wedding selfie’ instead of a first kiss…so instead of the registrar saying “You may now kiss the bride” she said “You may now take a selfie”!!

After enjoying the delicious feast of fish and chips, guests played a very physical game of beach cricket whilst we took some couple shots along the beach. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a couple giggle their way through a wedding quite so much; Nat and Rob’s love for each other and love for humour and life was definitely infectious. I absolutely loved your wedding guys, thank you so much for picking me!


Dress – The Couture Company                                                Decor – Coastal Creative

Cake – Fluffy Muffin                                                                   Hair – Laura Mckenzie

MUA – Make up by Tara  


Rob&Natalie-001 Rob&Natalie-007 Rob&Natalie-012 Rob&Natalie-017 Rob&Natalie-021 Rob&Natalie-026 Rob&Natalie-034 Rob&Natalie-040 Rob&Natalie-052 Rob&Natalie-056 Rob&Natalie-072 Rob&Natalie-082 Rob&Natalie-089 Rob&Natalie-092 Rob&Natalie-097 Rob&Natalie-101 Rob&Natalie-110 Rob&Natalie-115 Rob&Natalie-120 Rob&Natalie-131 Rob&Natalie-139 Rob&Natalie-155 Rob&Natalie-158 Rob&Natalie-163 Rob&Natalie-171 Rob&Natalie-183 Rob&Natalie-195 Rob&Natalie-202 Rob&Natalie-211 Rob&Natalie-225 Rob&Natalie-238 Rob&Natalie-248 Rob&Natalie-252 Rob&Natalie-258 Rob&Natalie-269 Rob&Natalie-282 Rob&Natalie-298 Rob&Natalie-310 Rob&Natalie-315 Rob&Natalie-353 Rob&Natalie-365 Rob&Natalie-372 Rob&Natalie-383 Rob&Natalie-391 Rob&Natalie-400 Rob&Natalie-405 Rob&Natalie-417 Rob&Natalie-432 Rob&Natalie-439 Rob&Natalie-447 Rob&Natalie-453 Rob&Natalie-463 Rob&Natalie-467 Rob&Natalie-480 Rob&Natalie-484 Rob&Natalie-495 Rob&Natalie-523 Rob&Natalie-535 Rob&Natalie-539 Rob&Natalie-542 Rob&Natalie-550 Rob&Natalie-551 Rob&Natalie-554 Rob&Natalie-555 Rob&Natalie-559 Rob&Natalie-566 Rob&Natalie-569 Rob&Natalie-572 Rob&Natalie-573 Rob&Natalie-588 Rob&Natalie-593 Rob&Natalie-602 Rob&Natalie-647 Rob&Natalie-651 Rob&Natalie-656 Rob&Natalie-665 Rob&Natalie-675 Rob&Natalie-683 Rob&Natalie-690 Rob&Natalie-694