Autumn Barn Wedding – Suzy & Andy

Autumn Barn Wedding – Suzy & Andy

Autumn barn

There’s something incredibly warm and cosy about a barn wedding in Autumn – perhaps it’s the candles or the fireplace, or the beautiful colours in the trees. Either way, Andy and Suzy pulled off the most beautiful Autumnal wedding at Clock Barn on Friday. The venue was styled wonderfully – with real horseshoes, apples and pine cones mixed among flowers with were warm reds, maroons and peaches. The bridesmaid’s dresses were perfect – grey and silver and sparkling. This wedding was absolutely gorgeous!

Although it rained for large portions of the day we were incredibly fortunate that it only seemed to rain when we wanted to be indoors anyway, and breaks came in the perfect place for photos.

I loved Friday, thank you both so much for having me along! So much love to you both, here’s a few photos to keep you going xx

Autumn barn wedding Clock barn Autumn barn wedding photography Clock Barn wedding photography

Clock Barn Autumn Wedding – Amelia & Trafford

Clock Barn Autumn Wedding – Amelia & Trafford

Clock BarnI absolutely adore Clock Barn in Hampshire, but never before have I had the chance to shoot a wedding there in the Autumn to take advantage of all the fabulous colours which I know are there at this time of year, so when Amelia & Trafford booked me to photograph their October wedding there I was delighted. These guys had the most beautiful day – not only are they just the cutest couple ever but they had a Beauty & The Beast theme with their decor – check out their wonderful table centres!

We were lucky to have the most beautiful bright and dry autumn day so guests could enjoy canapes and drinks in the garden whilst the tree of us wandered around the Clock Barn grounds to take their couple shots and then family group photos in the paddock. Dinner was catered by the incredible Galloping Gourmet who always cook up an absolute feast before some very heartfelt speeches and one hellova party 🙂

I’ve absolutely loved working with you guys, thank you for making it all just so fun! Big thank you to Michael too who second shot for me on this one, some of the photos below are his.

If you’d like to chat to me about photographing your wedding at Clock Barn, feel free to email me here.

Clock Barn autumn wedding wedding at Clock Barn Clock Barn wedding in Hampshire Clock Barn decorate for the wedding

Stansted House in Hampshire Wedding – Russ & Emily

Stansted House in Hampshire Wedding – Russ & Emily

stansted-house-wedding-001Russ & Emily’s beautiful Autumnal wedding began at Stansted House in Hampshire, a beautiful old stately home seeped in history and in the most beautiful gardens. They said their vows in front of friends and family before everyone ventured outside for canapes and drinks whilst we threw the confetti and captured some family photos. Guests then move on to Rowlands Castle Parish Hall just up the road, whilst Emily, Russ and I stayed behind to take their couple’s shots and make the most of the gorgeous Autumn colours in the gardens.

Once we got to the parish hall, guests tucked in to teas, cakes and sandwiches before the heartfelt speeches and the evening dancing began. A perfect, laid back wedding absolutely brimming with love, I’ve been so lucky to have been part of this one. Thank you to Clare too who second shot for me that day, some of these photos are her’s.

If you’d like to speak to me about capturing your Stansted House wedding, feel free to contact me here.

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