{Hampshire wedding photography} Thank you 2015! A few favourites from a wonderful year.

{Hampshire wedding photography}

Wow – I’m sat here trying to write my ‘Round up to 2015’ and I really don’t know how to put into words what a great year it’s been! As a Hampshire wedding photographer I’ve been lucky enough to shoot 40 weddings this year; every one being unique and special in its own way. I’m absolutely exhausted but extremely grateful for my clients who have believed in me and trusted me to capture the most memorable, emotional and sacred day of their lives. The most amazing thing for me though, is how many of my clients I now think of as true friends. Thank you for making this year what it was, I love you guys very much.

Two people who I can’t thank enough for their hard work and friendship is Clare and Dan who shot along side me loads this year. You both make going to work so much fun and look forward to seeing you both on weddings days so much. I was also lucky enough to shoot with Nicci, Michael and Ange this year too – all fantastic photographers who I was super lucky to bag for the day!

I’m so incredibly lucky to be part of a network of photographers who have all become dear friends and make this otherwise pretty lonely job a constant pleasure.

I can’t wait for my 2016 weddings and all the new and wonderful clients it will bring. Just the small issue of having a baby first… Eeeeeekk!

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