New Forest wedding

From the moment I met Emma & Luke at their engagement shoot in The New Forest last winter I knew that I would absolutely love their wedding at Rhinefield House and I knew that I would absolutely love them! As total nature and adventure junkies who love the great outdoors, nothing was more fitting then shooting them at sunset in a muddy forest. And if a photo were ever to sum them up and their attitude towards life, it would be this…!!

New Forest puddle photo

Like so many other lovely couples this last year, their wedding plans have changed 7 bajillion times, however when they heard that in May they would hopefully be allowed to have 30 guests, they breathed a huge sigh of relief and started planning once more. I knew the wedding would have a huge nod to nature and their beloved walks in their decor, and I was right! The dinner room at Rhinefield House had little touches of woodlands everywhere, from table cards with British animals drawn on them to acorns and wooden carved name places. The cake by Cake Buds really stole the show with it’s mossy affect and antlers, and I’ve heard on good authority it tasted incredible!

Weddings at the moment still have to be ‘COVID secure’ and so guests were instructed to wear masks indoors and socially distance during the eating. I think it probably crossed everyone’s mind that the wedding might be in someway difficult because of the restrictions but the reality could not have been further from the truth. With no social distancing being needed outside any more everyone could hug and socialise at will which felt absolutely wonderful to watch and be part of. Just like normal.

There was one last minute change of plan – Emma & Luke were originally planning on saying their vows outside in the gardens of Rhinefield however due to registrar protocol the wedding was moved indoors…and good job it was because the second Emma began to walk down the aisle the heavens opened up and the rain tipped it down! And then stopped the second they had their first kiss. So all in all, a bit of lucky really.

After a delicious dinner of afternoon tea and scones, Emma, Luke and I drove into The New Forest just outside the hotel for some photos on Ornamental Drive, just as the sun began to set. Having a few moments away from the wedding to let it all sink in and catch their breath, we wandered around the ancient forest whilst guests enjoyed garden games back on the lawns.

What a perfect, perfect day, thank you both so much for choosing me! I’ve loved getting to know you both and have no doubt you’ll have many more incredible adventures in years to come. Mwah!

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