So many gorgeous things happened at Robyn & Simon’s wedding at Old Thorns Manor in Hampshire, it’s hard to know where to begin! I knew that Robyn and I shared a similar taste in dresses when she told me that her maids would be in green floral British Retro dresses and that she’d seen on my Facebook that I owned the same dress! Robyn’s own dress was also my favourite style of wedding dress – I absolutely love 50’s calf length dresses, they’re super cute and seriously fun to dance in, what with all the spinning they inspire!

Robyn and Simon both got ready at Old Thorns Manor but in separate areas so as not to bump into each other, before tying the knot in front of their nearest and dearest. Once the official bit was done, everyone went outside into the autumn sunshine to sip champagne and for the family photos on the patio. Before dinner, Robyn and Simon and I went off in the golf buggies to a secluded spot up on the golf course to get some romantic couple shots and wow, what a view!

After dinner, guests mingled and chatted before the DJ started and the party really began. Such a wonderful day, thank you so much for having me along to share it with you. A big thank you to Bev Downie who second shot for me on the day too xx

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