Garden Marquee Wedding 001One of my all time favourite types of weddings are garden marquee weddings – I just love how laid back and relaxed they are when the marquee is somewhere that the couple feel comfortable and familiar with. Plus you can make it totally unique to you without fear that it looks like someone else’s wedding…not to mention no music curfew! (If you have understanding neighbours of course).

Judy & Simon’s wedding absolutely didn’t disappoint, as they had a huge marquee erected in a family friends’ beautiful garden, which was big enough to fit all of their many friends and family. It was a gorgeously hot July day, so after they said their vows and sang the worship songs, guests were able to sit and mingle out in the sunshine and enjoy the hotdog canapés.

The fabulous garden in full bloom made a perfect backdrop for their family and couple shots, before everyone was seated inside to enjoy the food and the evening’s entertainment.

A truly fabulous day, thank you so much for sharing it with me!

If you’d like to discuss me shooting your garden marquee wedding or any other type for that matter, feel free to contact me here.

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