Clock Barn Wedding in Whitchurch – Jade & James

clock_barn_wedding_hampshireClock Barn in Whitchurch in Hampshire is one of my favourite venues around, so I was delighted when Jade & James asked me to be their wedding photographer last year. I was even more delighted when I walked through her door in the morning and saw she’d dyed her hair pinky gold – how gorgeous does she look?! Jade and her girls got ready at her home (In and around some flippin fabulous decor, I might add!) before arriving at Clock Barn to finish off and get in her dress. One of my favourite florists did the flowers – Lyndsey from The White Horse Flower Company – who put together the most amazing and elegant flower wall behind the signing of the register table. Everything was beautifully put together with floral touches – and incredibly Jade’s Mum made the fantastic cake, what a talent!

What a perfect day, thank you so much for having me be a tiny part of it. A big thank you to Clare West for second shooting; some of these photos are hers.

If you’d like to speak to me about photographing your Clock Barn wedding, contact me here.

Clock_barnwedding_photographer_hampshire Jade&James-027_Mia-Photography clock_barn_wedding Jade&James-059_Mia-Photography Jade&James-064_Mia-Photography Jade&James-072_Mia-Photography Jade&James-081_Mia-Photography Jade&James-093_Mia-Photography Jade&James-095_Mia-Photography Jade&James-134_Mia-Photography Jade&James-154_Mia-Photography Jade&James-165_Mia-Photography Jade&James-201_Mia-Photography Jade&James-217_Mia-Photography Jade&James-231_Mia-Photography Jade&James-239_Mia-Photography Jade&James-285_Mia-Photography Jade&James-296_Mia-Photography Jade&James-334_Mia-Photography Jade&James-353_Mia-Photography Jade&James-355_Mia-Photography Jade&James-372_Mia-Photography Jade&James-381_Mia-Photography Jade&James-385_Mia-Photography Jade&James-389_Mia-Photography Jade&James-404_Mia-Photography Jade&James-447_Mia-Photography Jade&James-456_Mia-Photography Jade&James-463_Mia-Photography Jade&James-513_Mia-Photography Jade&James-594_Mia-Photography Jade&James-603_Mia-Photography Jade&James-625_Mia-Photography Jade&James-630_Mia-Photography Jade&James-641_Mia-Photography Jade&James-643_Mia-Photography Jade&James-646_Mia-Photography Jade&James-653_Mia-Photography

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