The Long Barn, Hampshire – Georgie & Ben

The Long Barn, Hampshire – Georgie & Ben

the_long_barn_001Georgie & Ben’s fabulous foodie themed wedding at The Long Barn in Hampshire was just the most wonderful way for me to finish an incredible wedding season! Everything about their wedding was simply scrumptious; they even based their colour scheme on their favourite tipples – burgundy, cream and brown…for red wine, champagne and whiskey. These guys literally laughed allll day, everything was just so joyous. Thank you so much for having me along, it was such a pleasure!!

I was lucky enough to work with my favourite wedding planner – Marie from Isabella weddings who over saw the day and made sure everything ran to plan and the brilliant hair and make-up artist Miriam King. A huge thank you too to the lovely Michael O’Sullivan who shot along side me, some of these photos are his (The best ones, he’d probably say) 😉 It was also a pleasure to work for the first time with Toast Master David Hunt and Devoted Films videographers.

If you’d like to speak to me about shooting your wedding at The Long Barn, feel free to contact me here.

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