New Place Wedding – Kim & Graham

new_place_wedding_001Ahh, what a beautiful wedding at De Vere New Place in Southampton Kim & Graham had this summer! After such a wet start to the summer is was a treat to have such a warm and sunny day to enjoy the beautiful gardens and flowers. It was also lovely to work with my favourite videographer again, Matt from – we work so well together and he’s really fun to shoot with.

Kim & Graham also booked a brilliant magician for the evening who really entertained their guests but I think my favourite moment was when several guests set off confetti bombs during the first dance, at a total surprise to Kim & Graham!

A wonderful day, thank you so much for having me along. A big thank you to Clare as always for second shooting for me, some of the photos are hers.

If you’d like to speak to me about capturing your day at New Place, contact me here.

new_place_wedding_002 new_place_wedding_003 new_place_wedding_004 new_place_wedding_005 new_place_wedding_006 new_place_wedding_007 new_place_wedding_008 new_place_wedding_009 new_place_wedding_010 Kim&Graham-207_Mia-Photography Kim&Graham-272_Mia-Photography Kim&Graham-290_Mia-Photography Kim&Graham-298_Mia-Photography Kim&Graham-338_Mia-Photography Kim&Graham-342_Mia-Photography Kim&Graham-347_Mia-Photography Kim&Graham-355_Mia-Photography Kim&Graham-405_Mia-Photography Kim&Graham-425_Mia-Photography Kim&Graham-430_Mia-Photography Kim&Graham-477_Mia-Photography Kim&Graham-557_Mia-Photography Kim&Graham-577_Mia-Photography Kim&Graham-585_Mia-Photography Kim&Graham-622_Mia-Photography Kim&Graham-629_Mia-Photography Kim&Graham-648_Mia-Photography Kim&Graham-650_Mia-Photography Kim&Graham-658_Mia-Photography Kim&Graham-664_Mia-Photography Kim&Graham-672_Mia-Photography Kim&Graham-678_Mia-Photography

Northbrook Park – Nadia & Ben

Northbrook_park_001It’s not often I get to shoot at venues I’ve not been to before these days so I was over the moon when Nadia & Ben booked me for their day at Northbrook Park, as it’s a gorgeous venue I’ve always wanted to capture. It’s almost as if it’s been designed by a photographer – everything is so beautiful and the light is amazing! Everything about Nadia & Ben’s day was beautifully and thoughtfully put together, and I particularly loved the soft pastel flowers by Eden Blooms florist. I loved everything about your day, thank you so much for having me along lovelies xx

A huge thank you to Clare as always for second shooting – see if you can spot a very magical butterfly shot in the wedding breakfast details!

If you’d like to speak to me about photographing your Northbrook Park wedding, please contact me here.

Northbrook_park_002 Northbrook_park_003 Northbrook_park_004 Northbrook_park_005 Northbrook_park_006 Northbrook_park_007 Northbrook_park_008 Northbrook_park_009 Northbrook_park_010 Nadia & Ben-258_Mia-Photography Nadia & Ben-276_Mia-Photography Nadia & Ben-287_Mia-Photography Nadia & Ben-300_Mia-Photography Nadia & Ben-309_Mia-Photography Nadia & Ben-318_Mia-Photography Nadia & Ben-320_Mia-Photography Nadia & Ben-326_Mia-Photography Nadia & Ben-328_Mia-Photography Nadia & Ben-338_Mia-Photography Nadia & Ben-354_Mia-Photography Nadia & Ben-357_Mia-Photography Nadia & Ben-420_Mia-Photography Nadia & Ben-430_Mia-Photography Nadia & Ben-456_Mia-Photography Nadia & Ben-490_Mia-Photography Nadia & Ben-525_Mia-Photography Nadia & Ben-618_Mia-Photography Nadia & Ben-646_Mia-Photography Nadia & Ben-652_Mia-Photography Nadia & Ben-663_Mia-Photography

Winchester College Wedding – Kat & Mike

winchester_college_wedding_001I was extremely lucky and privileged to get to photograph Kat & Mike’s gorgeous day at Winchester College – not least because so few people get to be married there, as you have to be associated with the college in some way. Since Kat’s Dad is one of the lecturers there, she had known since she was a little girl that one day she would like to say ‘I do’ in the grand chapel before holding the party in the expanse of grounds and beautiful Musa. We made the most of the area by taking their photos in the pretty flower beads and around the very old walls.

A very special day, thank you for letting me be a tiny part of it. A big thank you to Julie too for second shooting for me that day.

winchester_college_wedding_002 winchester_college_wedding_003 winchester_college_wedding_004 winchester_college_wedding_005 Kat&Mike-069_Mia-Photography Kat&Mike-082_Mia-Photography Kat&Mike-085_Mia-Photography Kat&Mike-094_Mia-Photography Kat&Mike-102_Mia-Photography Kat&Mike-112_Mia-Photography Kat&Mike-122_Mia-Photography Kat&Mike-141_Mia-Photography Kat&Mike-154_Mia-Photography Kat&Mike-209_Mia-Photography Kat&Mike-248_Mia-Photography Kat&Mike-285_Mia-Photography Kat&Mike-350_Mia-Photography Kat&Mike-356_Mia-Photography Kat&Mike-363_Mia-Photography Kat&Mike-378_Mia-Photography Kat&Mike-406_Mia-Photography Kat&Mike-422_Mia-Photography Kat&Mike-453_Mia-Photography Kat&Mike-463_Mia-Photography Kat&Mike-485_Mia-Photography Kat&Mike-488_Mia-Photography Kat&Mike-562_Mia-Photography Kat&Mike-570_Mia-Photography Kat&Mike-584_Mia-Photography Kat&Mike-594_Mia-Photography Kat&Mike-615_Mia-Photography Kat&Mike-633_Mia-Photography Kat&Mike-635_Mia-Photography Kat&Mike-649_Mia-Photography

The Walled Garden at Cowdray – Emma & Max

The_walled_garden_at_cowdray_001O my goodness, I don’t think I’ve even seen such a beautiful venue as The Walled Garden at Cowdray! The flowers were incredible, what a burst of colour!

Emma & Max had the most gorgeous day, on one of the hottest days of the year. I knew how much they were hoping to hold their ceremony outside amongst all the fabulous florals, so when the weather forecast showed nothing but sunshine, I knew they’d be delighted. What a fabulous venue, see for yourselves!

Thank you for being such a brilliant couple to photograph, I had so much fun with you guys 🙂 A big thank you to Amy Wass to for second shooting for me, some of the photos below were taken by her.

If you’d like to speak to me about photographing your wedding at The Walled Garden at Cowdray, feel free to get in touch here.

The_walled_garden_at_cowdray_002 The_walled_garden_at_cowdray_003 The_walled_garden_at_cowdray_004 The_walled_garden_at_cowdray_005 The_walled_garden_at_cowdray_006 The_walled_garden_at_cowdray_007 The_walled_garden_at_cowdray_008 The_walled_garden_at_cowdray_009 Emma&Max-158_Mia-Photography The_walled_garden_at_cowdray_010 Emma&Max-188_Mia-Photography Emma&Max-202_Mia-Photography Emma&Max-232_Mia-Photography Emma&Max-260_Mia-Photography Emma&Max-276_Mia-Photography Emma&Max-287_Mia-Photography Emma&Max-326_Mia-Photography Emma&Max-354_Mia-Photography Emma&Max-363_Mia-Photography Emma&Max-370_Mia-Photography Emma&Max-379_Mia-Photography Emma&Max-390_Mia-Photography Emma&Max-443_Mia-Photography Emma&Max-461_Mia-Photography Emma&Max-492_Mia-Photography Emma&Max-518_Mia-Photography Emma&Max-568_Mia-Photography Emma&Max-580_Mia-Photography Emma&Max-626_Mia-Photography Emma&Max-642_Mia-Photography Emma&Max-647_Mia-Photography Emma&Max-657_Mia-Photography Emma&Max-671_Mia-Photography

Garden Marquee Wedding – Kate & Tom

garden_marquee_wedding_001I absolutely love garden marquee weddings! They are always so relaxed and unique, I love how you’re able to completely put your personality stamp on the day as the marquee is such a blank canvas and can be decorated exactly as you choose. Kate & Tom’s garden marquee wedding in Kate’s parents gorgeous garden didn’t disappoint in the slightest – their big garden was just perfect for the party. They tied the knot in the church opposite and with just a short walk across the road everyone was able to walk back to the marquee and celebrate. What a perfect day, I loved every minute!

A big thank you to Amy Wass who second shot for me, some of these photos are hers.

If you’d like to speak to me about capturing your garden marquee wedding, feel free to contact me here.

garden_marquee_wedding_002 garden_marquee_wedding_003 garden_marquee_wedding_004 garden_marquee_wedding_005 garden_marquee_wedding_006 garden_marquee_wedding_007 garden_marquee_wedding_008 garden_marquee_wedding_009 garden_marquee_wedding_010 Kate&Tom-184_Mia-Photography Kate&Tom-203_Mia-Photography Kate&Tom-228_Mia-Photography Kate&Tom-243_Mia-Photography Kate&Tom-329_Mia-Photography Kate&Tom-339_Mia-Photography Kate&Tom-348_Mia-Photography Kate&Tom-358_Mia-Photography Kate&Tom-369_Mia-Photography Kate&Tom-381_Mia-Photography Kate&Tom-393_Mia-Photography Kate&Tom-402_Mia-Photography Kate&Tom-415_Mia-Photography Kate&Tom-452_Mia-Photography Kate&Tom-455_Mia-Photography Kate&Tom-522_Mia-Photography Kate&Tom-596_Mia-Photography Kate&Tom-622_Mia-Photography Kate&Tom-737_Mia-Photography Kate&Tom-741_Mia-Photography Kate&Tom-750_Mia-Photography Kate&Tom-763_Mia-Photography