Tithe Barn Wedding in Hampshire – Chloe & Colin

Tithe Barn Wedding in Hampshire – Chloe & Colin

tithe barnOne of my favourite types of weddings to shoot is barn weddings, so I was over the moon when Chloe & Colin asked me to photograph their special day at Tithe Barn in Hampshire. Tithe Barn is huge and O so pretty, with a high beamed ceiling and white walls, not to mention a huge garden out the front, just perfect for a wedding! I absolutely adored Chloe’s green floral bridesmaid’s dresses – one of my favourites of the year. Just the right side of formal for a wedding but floaty and summery and so so pretty.

The details inside the barn were simply gorgeous too and so well thought out; all pastels and floral. The flowers smelt amazing as soon as you walked in!

Thankfully Chloe & Colin were totally up for wading their way through a corn field with me for their couple shots, and I’m so glad they were as I love these sun drenched photos! Thank you for being such good sports guys, I absolutely loved sharing your day with you and your lovely families.

A big thank you too for Clare West for second shooting with me on the day, some of these photos are hers.

If you’d like to speak to me about shooting your Tithe Barn wedding or any other for that matter, feel free to contact me here.

Colin&Chloe-003_Mia-Photography Colin&Chloe-019_Mia-Photography Colin&Chloe-029_Mia-Photography Colin&Chloe-041_Mia-Photography Colin&Chloe-061_Mia-Photography Colin&Chloe-075_Mia-Photography Colin&Chloe-087_Mia-Photography Colin&Chloe-093_Mia-Photography Colin&Chloe-138_Mia-Photography Colin&Chloe-184_Mia-Photography Colin&Chloe-195_Mia-Photography Colin&Chloe-201_Mia-Photography Colin&Chloe-208_Mia-Photography Colin&Chloe-246_Mia-Photography Colin&Chloe-274_Mia-Photography Colin&Chloe-294_Mia-Photography Colin&Chloe-347_Mia-Photography Colin&Chloe-391_Mia-Photography Colin&Chloe-436_Mia-Photography Colin&Chloe-451_Mia-Photography Colin&Chloe-462_Mia-Photography Colin&Chloe-519_Mia-Photography Colin&Chloe-532_Mia-Photography Colin&Chloe-545_Mia-Photography Colin&Chloe-550_Mia-Photography Colin&Chloe-556_Mia-Photography Colin&Chloe-560_Mia-Photography Colin&Chloe-565_Mia-Photography Colin&Chloe-575_Mia-Photography Colin&Chloe-578_Mia-Photography Colin&Chloe-601_Mia-Photography

Farbridge Wedding – Amanda & Lee

Farbridge Wedding – Amanda & Lee

Farbridge wedding in HampshireSO many fun things happened at Amanda & Lee’s wedding at Farbridge, I’m not sure where to start! Amanda & Lee wanted to have a special day to celebrate their love and marriage but they also wanted to make sure their friends and family had a party to remember – and that they certainly did! One of the most FUN weddings I’ve ever been to, everything was geared around having an incredible day – from the bucking bronco, to the ice cream van, to the puppet show for the kids…everything was lovingly thought out to make sure everyone had the best time possible.

A truly memorable day and just so much fun, thank you so much for having me along!

This wedding was also special as it was my favourite wedding planner and friend Marie’s last wedding before she embarks on a new and exciting adventure, so it was wonderful to work with her one last time and to watch pass the reins onto Kate’s very capable hands!

I was lucky enough to get to shoot this wedding with the lovely Michael O’Sullivan too, thank you for all your help on the day.

If you’d like to talk to me about shooting your Farbridge wedding, or any other for that matter, feel free to contact me here.

Farbridge wedding 001 Farbridge wedding 002 Farbridge wedding photography Farbridge wedding photographer Farbridge wedding 004 wedding photographer at Farbridge Farbridge wedding 006 Lee&Amanda-083_Mia-Photography Lee&Amanda-105_Mia-Photography Lee&Amanda-107_Mia-Photography Lee&Amanda-124_Mia-Photography Lee&Amanda-140_Mia-Photography Lee&Amanda-143_Mia-Photography Lee&Amanda-147_Mia-Photography Lee&Amanda-158_Mia-Photography Lee&Amanda-165_Mia-Photography Lee&Amanda-182_Mia-Photography Lee&Amanda-195_Mia-Photography Lee&Amanda-216_Mia-Photography Lee&Amanda-221_Mia-Photography Lee&Amanda-231_Mia-Photography Lee&Amanda-273_Mia-Photography Lee&Amanda-311_Mia-Photography Lee&Amanda-317_Mia-Photography Lee&Amanda-325_Mia-Photography Lee&Amanda-327_Mia-Photography Lee&Amanda-334_Mia-Photography Lee&Amanda-337_Mia-Photography Lee&Amanda-338_Mia-Photography Lee&Amanda-345_Mia-Photography Lee&Amanda-356_Mia-Photography Lee&Amanda-358_Mia-Photography Lee&Amanda-364_Mia-Photography Lee&Amanda-368_Mia-Photography Lee&Amanda-408_Mia-Photography Lee&Amanda-435_Mia-Photography Lee&Amanda-495_Mia-Photography Lee&Amanda-498_Mia-Photography Lee&Amanda-515_Mia-Photography Lee&Amanda-537_Mia-Photography Lee&Amanda-566_Mia-Photography Lee&Amanda-573_Mia-Photography Lee&Amanda-578_Mia-Photography Lee&Amanda-585_Mia-Photography

Rhinefield House Summer fete wedding – Jessica & Pete

Rhinefield House Summer fete wedding – Jessica & Pete

Pete&Jess-427_Mia-PhotographyRhinefield House in Hampshire has always been a fabulous venue for weddings with its huge, well kept gardens and unique blue gate, but now it can also accommodate outside ceremonies, it’s become even more special! Jessica & Pete held their ceremony in the expansive grounds on a hot and sunny July day under the dome archway in front of their nearest and dearest. Their little boys looked cute as buttons in their little blue outfits, and had special roles walking down the aisle with Mummy and also holding the rings.

Rhinefield House has recently also started offering Summer Fete weddings, which I’m super jealous about because this is exactly the thing I would have loved to have at my wedding! Food was burgers, fish & chips, salad and pies, followed by ice cream, doughnuts and candy floss. The sweet treats and the bouncy castle certainly kept all the kids happy, who spent the afternoon running around in the sunshine and enjoying themselves.

A fabulous day, beautiful put together by Jess, thank you so much for having me along! Xx

Jess & Pete’s little family shoot can also be found here.

If you’d like to speak to me about photographing your Rhinefield House wedding, or at any other venue for that matter, feel free to contact me here.

Rhinefield house summer fete wedding 1 Rhinefield house summer fete wedding 2 Rhinefield house summer fete wedding 3 Rhinefield house summer fete wedding 4 Rhinefield house summer fete wedding 5 Rhinefield house summer fete wedding 6 Rhinefield house summer fete wedding 7 Pete&Jess-100_Mia-Photography Pete&Jess-104_Mia-Photography Pete&Jess-116_Mia-Photography Pete&Jess-129_Mia-Photography Pete&Jess-139_Mia-Photography Pete&Jess-159_Mia-Photography Pete&Jess-161_Mia-Photography Pete&Jess-202_Mia-Photography Pete&Jess-206_Mia-Photography Pete&Jess-242_Mia-Photography Pete&Jess-243_Mia-Photography Pete&Jess-250_Mia-Photography Pete&Jess-272_Mia-Photography Pete&Jess-314_Mia-Photography Pete&Jess-326_Mia-Photography Pete&Jess-331_Mia-Photography Pete&Jess-336_Mia-Photography Pete&Jess-364_Mia-Photography Pete&Jess-369_Mia-Photography Pete&Jess-379_Mia-Photography Pete&Jess-400_Mia-Photography Pete&Jess-412_Mia-Photography Pete&Jess-423_Mia-Photography Pete&Jess-428_Mia-Photography Pete&Jess-431_Mia-Photography Pete&Jess-435_Mia-Photography Pete&Jess-441_Mia-Photography Pete&Jess-446_Mia-Photography Pete&Jess-453_Mia-Photography Pete&Jess-455_Mia-Photography Pete&Jess-458_Mia-Photography Pete&Jess-461_Mia-Photography Pete&Jess-470_Mia-Photography Pete&Jess-472_Mia-Photography Pete&Jess-486_Mia-Photography Pete&Jess-490_Mia-Photography Pete&Jess-596_Mia-Photography Pete&Jess-598_Mia-Photography Pete&Jess-602_Mia-Photography Pete&Jess-635_Mia-Photography

The Old Vicarage in Christchurch – Kristi & Ben

The Old Vicarage in Christchurch – Kristi & Ben

The Old Vicarage in christchurch Soooo much wedding gorgeousness happened at Kristi & Ben’s wedding at The Old Vicarage in Christchurch, I barely know where to start! So I’ll let the images show you what a gorgeous couple, a gorgeous venue, gorgeous styling and a gorgeous sunny day we had.

Kristi & Ben had lots of sunflowers decorating The Old Vicarage and in Kristi’s bouquet, and – wonderfully – there was a sunflower field right outside the hotel which was PERFECT for their couple shots!

One of my favourite weddings of the year, thank you for being just wonderful and totally up for my crazy suggestions. You guys are fabulous xx

If you’d like to speak to me about photographing your wedding at The Old Vicarage or any other wedding for that matter, feel free to contact me here.

The Old Vicarage in christchurch wedding christchurch wedding photography The Old Vicarage wedding at The Old Vicarage in christchurch wedding at The Old Vicarage wedding photography at The Old Vicarage in christchurch sunflower wedding sunflower wedding photography The Old Vicarage in christchurch photos sunflowers at The Old Vicarage in christchurch Ben&Kristi-151_Mia-Photography Ben&Kristi-169_Mia-Photography Ben&Kristi-175_Mia-Photography Ben&Kristi-228_Mia-Photography Ben&Kristi-251_Mia-Photography Ben&Kristi-254_Mia-Photography Ben&Kristi-263_Mia-Photography Ben&Kristi-271_Mia-Photography Ben&Kristi-290_Mia-Photography Ben&Kristi-316_Mia-Photography Ben&Kristi-340_Mia-Photography Ben&Kristi-409_Mia-Photography Ben&Kristi-419_Mia-Photography Ben&Kristi-432_Mia-Photography Ben&Kristi-441_Mia-Photography Ben&Kristi-445_Mia-Photography Ben&Kristi-449_Mia-Photography Ben&Kristi-454_Mia-Photography Ben&Kristi-486_Mia-Photography Ben&Kristi-497_Mia-Photography Ben&Kristi-516_Mia-Photography Ben&Kristi-533_Mia-Photography

Marquee Garden Wedding in Salisbury – Laura & Mark

Marquee Garden Wedding in Salisbury – Laura & Mark

Marquee garden wedding in salisburyI absolutely love it when I get to shoot weddings which are celebrated in the gardens of friends and family of the bride and groom – they’re always so laid back and extra fun. Mark & Laura said their vows in front of friends and family St Michael’s Church in Salisbury, before jumping into a fabulously decorated golf buggy and zipping across the road to Laura’s parents’ house. Mark is a professional golfer, and so they had cleverly added a few little golfing touches along the day, such as some of the decor in the marquee as well as exiting from the Church through an archway of golf clubs!

Laura’s parents’ garden made the most beautiful backdrop for the photos, and even had a picturesque bridge which Laura & Mark stood on for some of their couples photos. In fact the whole afternoon was picturesque – guests were able to chat and mingle over canapes and champers in the sunshine, before all going inside for a delicious 3 course meal, several heartfelt speeches, and eventually a good ol’ boogie.

Thank you so much for having me there to capture the day, I absolutely loved it.

If you’d like to chat to me about photographing your marquee garden wedding, or any other type for that matter, feel free to contact me here.

Marquee garden wedding in salisbury 002 Garden marquee wedding in salisbury 003 Salisbury wedding photography wedding photography in Salisbury Garden marquee wedding in salisbury 005 Country garden marquee wedding Country garden marquee wedding 002 Country garden marquee wedding 003 Golf themed wedding beautiful garden wedding in salisbury Mark&Laura-135_Mia-Photography Mark&Laura-158_Mia-Photography Mark&Laura-210_Mia-Photography Mark&Laura-218_Mia-Photography Mark&Laura-240_Mia-Photography Mark&Laura-252_Mia-Photography Mark&Laura-260_Mia-Photography Mark&Laura-280_Mia-Photography Mark&Laura-286_Mia-Photography Mark&Laura-320_Mia-Photography Mark&Laura-356_Mia-Photography Mark&Laura-403_Mia-Photography Mark&Laura-536_Mia-Photography Mark&Laura-537_Mia-Photography Mark&Laura-549_Mia-Photography Mark&Laura-561_Mia-Photography Mark&Laura-568_Mia-Photography Mark&Laura-572_Mia-Photography Mark&Laura-587_Mia-Photography Mark&Laura-624_Mia-Photography Mark&Laura-627_Mia-Photography Mark&Laura-647_Mia-Photography

Garden Marquee Wedding – Judy & Simon

Garden Marquee Wedding – Judy & Simon

Garden Marquee Wedding 001One of my all time favourite types of weddings are garden marquee weddings – I just love how laid back and relaxed they are when the marquee is somewhere that the couple feel comfortable and familiar with. Plus you can make it totally unique to you without fear that it looks like someone else’s wedding…not to mention no music curfew! (If you have understanding neighbours of course).

Judy & Simon’s wedding absolutely didn’t disappoint, as they had a huge marquee erected in a family friends’ beautiful garden, which was big enough to fit all of their many friends and family. It was a gorgeously hot July day, so after they said their vows and sang the worship songs, guests were able to sit and mingle out in the sunshine and enjoy the hotdog canapés.

The fabulous garden in full bloom made a perfect backdrop for their family and couple shots, before everyone was seated inside to enjoy the food and the evening’s entertainment.

A truly fabulous day, thank you so much for sharing it with me!

If you’d like to discuss me shooting your garden marquee wedding or any other type for that matter, feel free to contact me here.

Garden Marquee Wedding 002 Garden Marquee Wedding 003 Garden Marquee Wedding 004 Garden Marquee Wedding 005 Garden Marquee Wedding 006 Garden Marquee Wedding 007 Garden Marquee Wedding 008 Garden Marquee Wedding 009 Garden Marquee Wedding 010 Simon&Judy-130_Mia-Photography Simon&Judy-142_Mia-Photography Simon&Judy-154_Mia-Photography Simon&Judy-187_Mia-Photography Simon&Judy-226_Mia-Photography Simon&Judy-307_Mia-Photography Simon&Judy-319_Mia-Photography Simon&Judy-322_Mia-Photography Simon&Judy-326_Mia-Photography Simon&Judy-338_Mia-Photography Simon&Judy-345_Mia-Photography Simon&Judy-354_Mia-Photography Simon&Judy-358_Mia-Photography Simon&Judy-362_Mia-Photography Simon&Judy-385_Mia-Photography Simon&Judy-406_Mia-Photography Simon&Judy-407_Mia-Photography Simon&Judy-421_Mia-Photography Simon&Judy-430_Mia-Photography Simon&Judy-499_Mia-Photography Simon&Judy-507_Mia-Photography Simon&Judy-535_Mia-Photography