Clock Barn Wedding with sunflowers – Ally & James

Clock Barn Wedding with sunflowers – Ally & James

clock_barn_wedding_001There’s nothing I enjoy more than a beautiful Clock Barn wedding! Ally & James’ gorgeous day started at The White Horse in Romsey where Ally got ready with her best girl before traveling to Clock Barn in the ultimate style – a real fire engine! As James is a fireman it was totally fitting and a great surprise for their guests.

It was a super hot and sunny day so we ventured into the cornfields once the sun had dipped a bit in the evening to take some lovely romantic shots in amongst the corn. The barn looked absolutely beautiful all decorated in sunflowers, and if you look closely you’ll see that the theme running through the decor is Ally’s favourite…Harry Potter!

What a fabulous day, thank you both for being so lovely! Wonderful to work with the very talented Irene Piera who filmed the day and my fantastic assistant Dan – some of these photos are his.

If you would like to speak to me about photographing your wedding at Clock Barn in Whitchurch, feel free to get in contact with me through here.

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A Beautiful Wedding at Elmers Court – Nina & Andrew

A Beautiful Wedding at Elmers Court – Nina & Andrew

Elmers CourtOne beautifully hot day in July, Nina & Andy held the most elegant and fabulous wedding at Elmers Court in the New Forest. I often think when it comes to weddings there’s little more wonderful than being able to wed in the great outdoors, and so was delighted when Nina & Andy told me their plans to marry outside in the gorgeous gardens.

The whole day was a hive of excitement, chatter and laughter as guests enjoyed the beautiful surroundings, food and hilarious speeches. O, and not to forget, the super stylish classic car which Nina arrived in!

Everyone was so warm and friendly, I absolutely loved being a tiny part of the fabulous day.

Thank you both so much for having Nicola and I along, we had a wonderful time. Wishing you both the happiest of futures together! All my love xxElmers Court wedding Elmers Court

Esseborne Manor – Jane & Adam

Esseborne Manor – Jane & Adam

Esseborne_Manor_001Jane & Adam’s wedding was my first ever at Esseborne Manor, and I certainly hope it’ll be first of many! I don’t think I’ve ever shot a wedding before which felt so much like ‘home’ – it’s a smallish venue with a beautiful garden, and because of it’s size it felt like a wedding in a holiday retreat, plus I loved that fact that so many guests could stay over, giving the whole day a real holiday vibe.

Jane & Adam hand made all of their funky signs and completely covered the place in flowers so the whole venue looked beautiful, and totally suited their laid back English tea style wedding breakfast.

I also got to work with one of my favourite make-up artists, Frances – check out Jane’s glittery eyes! She looked absolutely amazing.

A big thank you too to Clare for second shooting for me, some of these photos are her’s.

If you’d like to speak to me about capturing your wedding at Esseborne Manor, feel free to email me here.

Esseborne_Manor_002 Esseborne_Manor_003 Esseborne_Manor_004 Esseborne_Manor_005 Esseborne_Manor_006 Esseborne_Manor_007 Esseborne_Manor_008 Esseborne_Manor_009 Esseborne_Manor_010 Jane&Adam-140_Mia-Photography Jane&Adam-146_Mia-Photography Jane&Adam-180_Mia-Photography Jane&Adam-191_Mia-Photography Jane&Adam-221_Mia-Photography Jane&Adam-255_Mia-Photography Jane&Adam-263_Mia-Photography Jane&Adam-272_Mia-Photography Jane&Adam-316_Mia-Photography Jane&Adam-376_Mia-Photography Jane&Adam-384_Mia-Photography Jane&Adam-438_Mia-Photography Jane&Adam-465_Mia-Photography Jane&Adam-467_Mia-Photography Jane&Adam-490_Mia-Photography Jane&Adam-535_Mia-Photography Jane&Adam-540_Mia-Photography Jane&Adam-567_Mia-Photography Jane&Adam-573_Mia-Photography Jane&Adam-587_Mia-Photography Jane&Adam-591_Mia-Photography Jane&Adam-612_Mia-Photography Jane&Adam-626_Mia-Photography Jane&Adam-630_Mia-Photography Jane&Adam-645_Mia-Photography

Northbrook Park – Nadia & Ben

Northbrook Park – Nadia & Ben

Northbrook_park_001It’s not often I get to shoot at venues I’ve not been to before these days so I was over the moon when Nadia & Ben booked me for their day at Northbrook Park, as it’s a gorgeous venue I’ve always wanted to capture. It’s almost as if it’s been designed by a photographer – everything is so beautiful and the light is amazing! Everything about Nadia & Ben’s day was beautifully and thoughtfully put together, and I particularly loved the soft pastel flowers by Eden Blooms florist. I loved everything about your day, thank you so much for having me along lovelies xx

A huge thank you to Clare as always for second shooting – see if you can spot a very magical butterfly shot in the wedding breakfast details!

If you’d like to speak to me about photographing your Northbrook Park wedding, please contact me here.

Northbrook_park_002 Northbrook_park_003 Northbrook_park_004 Northbrook_park_005 Northbrook_park_006 Northbrook_park_007 Northbrook_park_008 Northbrook_park_009 Northbrook_park_010 Nadia & Ben-258_Mia-Photography Nadia & Ben-276_Mia-Photography Nadia & Ben-287_Mia-Photography Nadia & Ben-300_Mia-Photography Nadia & Ben-309_Mia-Photography Nadia & Ben-318_Mia-Photography Nadia & Ben-320_Mia-Photography Nadia & Ben-326_Mia-Photography Nadia & Ben-328_Mia-Photography Nadia & Ben-338_Mia-Photography Nadia & Ben-354_Mia-Photography Nadia & Ben-357_Mia-Photography Nadia & Ben-420_Mia-Photography Nadia & Ben-430_Mia-Photography Nadia & Ben-456_Mia-Photography Nadia & Ben-490_Mia-Photography Nadia & Ben-525_Mia-Photography Nadia & Ben-618_Mia-Photography Nadia & Ben-646_Mia-Photography Nadia & Ben-652_Mia-Photography Nadia & Ben-663_Mia-Photography