Winchester College Wedding – Kat & Mike

Winchester College Wedding – Kat & Mike

winchester_college_wedding_001I was extremely lucky and privileged to get to photograph Kat & Mike’s gorgeous day at Winchester College – not least because so few people get to be married there, as you have to be associated with the college in some way. Since Kat’s Dad is one of the lecturers there, she had known since she was a little girl that one day she would like to say ‘I do’ in the grand chapel before holding the party in the expanse of grounds and beautiful Musa. We made the most of the area by taking their photos in the pretty flower beads and around the very old walls.

A very special day, thank you for letting me be a tiny part of it. A big thank you to Julie too for second shooting for me that day.

winchester_college_wedding_002 winchester_college_wedding_003 winchester_college_wedding_004 winchester_college_wedding_005 Kat&Mike-069_Mia-Photography Kat&Mike-082_Mia-Photography Kat&Mike-085_Mia-Photography Kat&Mike-094_Mia-Photography Kat&Mike-102_Mia-Photography Kat&Mike-112_Mia-Photography Kat&Mike-122_Mia-Photography Kat&Mike-141_Mia-Photography Kat&Mike-154_Mia-Photography Kat&Mike-209_Mia-Photography Kat&Mike-248_Mia-Photography Kat&Mike-285_Mia-Photography Kat&Mike-350_Mia-Photography Kat&Mike-356_Mia-Photography Kat&Mike-363_Mia-Photography Kat&Mike-378_Mia-Photography Kat&Mike-406_Mia-Photography Kat&Mike-422_Mia-Photography Kat&Mike-453_Mia-Photography Kat&Mike-463_Mia-Photography Kat&Mike-485_Mia-Photography Kat&Mike-488_Mia-Photography Kat&Mike-562_Mia-Photography Kat&Mike-570_Mia-Photography Kat&Mike-584_Mia-Photography Kat&Mike-594_Mia-Photography Kat&Mike-615_Mia-Photography Kat&Mike-633_Mia-Photography Kat&Mike-635_Mia-Photography Kat&Mike-649_Mia-Photography

The Walled Garden at Cowdray – Emma & Max

The Walled Garden at Cowdray – Emma & Max

The_walled_garden_at_cowdray_001O my goodness, I don’t think I’ve even seen such a beautiful venue as The Walled Garden at Cowdray! The flowers were incredible, what a burst of colour!

Emma & Max had the most gorgeous day, on one of the hottest days of the year. I knew how much they were hoping to hold their ceremony outside amongst all the fabulous florals, so when the weather forecast showed nothing but sunshine, I knew they’d be delighted. What a fabulous venue, see for yourselves!

Thank you for being such a brilliant couple to photograph, I had so much fun with you guys 🙂 A big thank you to Amy Wass to for second shooting for me, some of the photos below were taken by her.

If you’d like to speak to me about photographing your wedding at The Walled Garden at Cowdray, feel free to get in touch here.

The_walled_garden_at_cowdray_002 The_walled_garden_at_cowdray_003 The_walled_garden_at_cowdray_004 The_walled_garden_at_cowdray_005The_walled_garden_at_cowdray_007 The_walled_garden_at_cowdray_008 The_walled_garden_at_cowdray_009 Emma&Max-158_Mia-Photography The_walled_garden_at_cowdray_010 Emma&Max-188_Mia-Photography Emma&Max-202_Mia-Photography Emma&Max-232_Mia-Photography Emma&Max-260_Mia-Photography Emma&Max-276_Mia-Photography Emma&Max-287_Mia-Photography Emma&Max-326_Mia-Photography Emma&Max-354_Mia-Photography Emma&Max-363_Mia-Photography Emma&Max-370_Mia-Photography Emma&Max-379_Mia-Photography Emma&Max-390_Mia-Photography Emma&Max-443_Mia-Photography Emma&Max-461_Mia-Photography Emma&Max-492_Mia-Photography Emma&Max-518_Mia-Photography Emma&Max-568_Mia-Photography Emma&Max-580_Mia-Photography Emma&Max-626_Mia-Photography Emma&Max-642_Mia-Photography Emma&Max-647_Mia-Photography Emma&Max-657_Mia-Photography Emma&Max-671_Mia-Photography

Garden Marquee Wedding – Kate & Tom

Garden Marquee Wedding – Kate & Tom

garden_marquee_wedding_001I absolutely love garden marquee weddings! They are always so relaxed and unique, I love how you’re able to completely put your personality stamp on the day as the marquee is such a blank canvas and can be decorated exactly as you choose. Kate & Tom’s garden marquee wedding in Kate’s parents gorgeous garden didn’t disappoint in the slightest – their big garden was just perfect for the party. They tied the knot in the church opposite and with just a short walk across the road everyone was able to walk back to the marquee and celebrate. What a perfect day, I loved every minute!

A big thank you to Amy Wass who second shot for me, some of these photos are hers.

If you’d like to speak to me about capturing your garden marquee wedding, feel free to contact me here.

garden_marquee_wedding_002 garden_marquee_wedding_003 garden_marquee_wedding_004 garden_marquee_wedding_005 garden_marquee_wedding_006 garden_marquee_wedding_007 garden_marquee_wedding_008 garden_marquee_wedding_009 garden_marquee_wedding_010 Kate&Tom-184_Mia-Photography Kate&Tom-203_Mia-Photography Kate&Tom-228_Mia-Photography Kate&Tom-243_Mia-Photography Kate&Tom-329_Mia-Photography Kate&Tom-339_Mia-Photography Kate&Tom-348_Mia-Photography Kate&Tom-358_Mia-Photography Kate&Tom-369_Mia-Photography Kate&Tom-381_Mia-Photography Kate&Tom-393_Mia-Photography Kate&Tom-402_Mia-Photography Kate&Tom-415_Mia-Photography Kate&Tom-452_Mia-Photography Kate&Tom-455_Mia-Photography Kate&Tom-522_Mia-Photography Kate&Tom-596_Mia-Photography Kate&Tom-622_Mia-Photography Kate&Tom-737_Mia-Photography Kate&Tom-741_Mia-Photography Kate&Tom-750_Mia-Photography Kate&Tom-763_Mia-Photography

Clock Barn Wedding in Hampshire – Dan & Louise

Clock Barn Wedding in Hampshire – Dan & Louise

clock_barn_wedding_001Clock Barn is Hampshire is one of my favourite venues to shoot at, so I was over the moon when Dan & Louise booked me to capture their wonderful day. Despite having a few crazy heavy shower storms, we managed to dodge the rain and take some photos around the beautiful grounds of the barn. What made their day even more beautiful was that they had Sundari from The Wedding Stylist style the barn, plus they had one of my all time favourite florists Lindsey from The White Horse Flower Company… what an amazing combination!

What a gorgeous day, thank you so much for letting me be a tiny piece of it. A big thank you to Clare as always for second shooting for me, some of these photos are hers.

If you’d like to speak to me about capturing your Clock Barn wedding, feel free to contact me here.

clock_barn_wedding_002 clock_barn_wedding_003 clock_barn_wedding_005 clock_barn_wedding_006 clock_barn_wedding_007 Hampshire_wedding_photography_008 Hampshire_wedding_photography_009 Hampshire_wedding_photography_0010 Clock_barn_hampshire_012 Clock_barn_hampshire_013 Dan&Louise-225_Mia-Photography Dan&Louise-238_Mia-Photography Dan&Louise-274_Mia-Photography Dan&Louise-382_Mia-Photography Dan&Louise-423_Mia-Photography Dan&Louise-440_Mia-Photography Dan&Louise-460_Mia-Photography Dan&Louise-514_Mia-Photography Dan&Louise-524_Mia-Photography Dan&Louise-534_Mia-Photography Dan&Louise-544_Mia-Photography Dan&Louise-551_Mia-Photography Dan&Louise-563_Mia-Photography Dan&Louise-570_Mia-Photography Dan&Louise-575_Mia-Photography Dan&Louise-617_Mia-Photography Dan&Louise-707_Mia-Photography Dan&Louise-820_Mia-Photography Dan&Louise-839_Mia-Photography Dan&Louise-847_Mia-Photography Dan&Louise-871_Mia-Photography

You Wedding Album…What happens now? (8×8″ 30 page)

You Wedding Album…What happens now? (8×8″ 30 page)

Albums-005_Mia-PhotographyWho doesn’t love a beautiful wedding album?! A wedding album is your first family heirloom which you’ll own together and a physical treasured memory of your day. So lets make it a good’un!

How to select the photos for your album

The album process begins by you selecting your favourite photos for your album. The number of photos displayed in your album can vary slightly depending on the types of photos you choose – for example, if you select a lot of photos of just the two of you, then these are likely to be displayed as large full page spreads which will take up lots of pages. If however, you tend to select a lot of family and friend shots, then multiples of these can fit on the same page and so take up less space over all. The latter may therefore result in more than the stated number of photos fitting in the finished album, although it’s hard to generalise as every album is so different from the last.

I find the best thing to do is to ask you to over pick the numbers for your album, but expect slightly less to make it. This allows for me to have some leeway and creativity when designing each page spread.

Don’t worry though if I end up not using one which you’ve picked and love – once the album has been designed, I will email it over to you to check and proof. This is a great opportunity for you to tell me what you think and if you’d like any pages changed. It’s at this stage I can add or remove some images, or swap some for others. Therefore, if I have missed one you love, we can certainly put it back in then. Please also try too avoid picking too many black and white photos as this can make an album look a little drab.

Please use the spreadsheet attached in your email to pick your selection; just indicate your choice by putting a x in the box next to the number and email it back to me.

Canvas Fine Art Albums

So, the album which you currently have is an 8×8″ canvas covered album. These albums look like this;

Albums-001_Mia-PhotographyThese lovely fine art albums come in many different cover colours and contain roughly 80 of your favourite photos. If you’d like to stick to this size, then please send me your selection of top 90 photos (but expect around 80 to make it).

You are welcome to upgrade this canvas album to a bigger version – this is priced as follows:

8×8″ 30 page canvas album – Current album

10×10″ 40 page canvas album – £250 extra (select an additional 30 photos)



The canvas albums are available in the following colours so feel free to pick one that suits the colour and decor of your wedding best:


Parent Albums

Parent albums are also available and make perfect thank you gifts for parents or even for Christmas pressies for family. These are also 8×8″ and cost £200 each.

Prefer a leather cover instead of canvas? No problem!

Real, soft leather covers are available in the following colours. Simply add an additional £100 to any of the prices above to upgrade.

Thank You cards

Thank You cards are also available which I can design for you with several images on the front and a personalised message inside. These are £1.50 each for gloss and £2 each for matt, plus £5 postage. These include envelopes – let me know if you’d like me to design them for you as well.