Festival Wedding at Grittenham Barn – Catherine & Nobby

Festival Wedding at Grittenham Barn – Catherine & Nobby

Festival weddingI’m lucky enough to get to go to many many amazing weddings of all styles and in all venues, however I think my ultimate favourite type of weddings and certainly the most fun must be festival weddings! O.my.gosh HOW amazing was Nobby & Catherine’s festival wedding at Grittenham Barn in West Sussex this summer?!?! So amazing that I wished I had been a guest and was able to chug cider and dance until the sunset with all of their wonderful guests. What a wonderful day!!

Grittanham Barn made the perfect setting for a festival wedding, where the long barn was used for the ceremony and the court yard just outside was idea for having smaller marquees for the bands and for the chill out areas. Guests were able to wander around, helping themselves to cider, beers and BBQ as they took in the fabulous views of the countryside.

Congratulations guys, you certainly know how to put on a party! A big thank you too to Nicola who second shot for me that day, some of these photos are hers.

If you’d like to speak to me about shooting your festival wedding, or any other for that matter, feel free to contact me here.

Flowers – Angel like flowers  *  Bands – Just Millie, Hobo Chic and The Gangsters  *  Caterer – Eat the Street

Festival wedding at Grittenham barn Festival wedding photography Festival wedding photos Festival wedding at Grittanham Barn in west sussex Festival wedding in Hampshire Festival wedding 001 Festival wedding 002 Festival wedding 003 Festival wedding 004 Grittenham Barn Nobby&Catherine-104_Mia-Photography Nobby&Catherine-107_Mia-Photography Nobby&Catherine-114_Mia-Photography Nobby&Catherine-145_Mia-Photography Nobby&Catherine-150_Mia-Photography Nobby&Catherine-186_Mia-Photography Nobby&Catherine-227_Mia-Photography Nobby&Catherine-235_Mia-Photography Nobby&Catherine-250_Mia-Photography Nobby&Catherine-311_Mia-Photography Nobby&Catherine-332_Mia-Photography Nobby&Catherine-376_Mia-Photography Nobby&Catherine-408_Mia-Photography Nobby&Catherine-411_Mia-Photography Nobby&Catherine-419_Mia-Photography Nobby&Catherine-434_Mia-Photography Nobby&Catherine-469_Mia-Photography  Nobby&Catherine-481_Mia-Photography Nobby&Catherine-486_Mia-Photography Nobby&Catherine-492_Mia-Photography Nobby&Catherine-502_Mia-Photography Nobby&Catherine-508_Mia-Photography Nobby&Catherine-510_Mia-Photography Nobby&Catherine-518_Mia-Photography Nobby&Catherine-522_Mia-Photography Nobby&Catherine-531_Mia-Photography Nobby&Catherine-546_Mia-Photography Nobby&Catherine-551_Mia-Photography Nobby&Catherine-554_Mia-Photography Nobby&Catherine-603_Mia-Photography Nobby&Catherine-643_Mia-Photography Nobby&Catherine-658_Mia-Photography Nobby&Catherine-699_Mia-Photography Nobby&Catherine-716_Mia-Photography Nobby&Catherine-729_Mia-Photography Nobby&Catherine-752_Mia-Photography Nobby&Catherine-769_Mia-Photography Nobby&Catherine-790_Mia-Photography Nobby&Catherine-806_Mia-Photography

Clock Barn Wedding – Alice & Joe

Clock Barn Wedding – Alice & Joe

clock-barn-wedding-001Ahhh Clock Barn in Hampshire – one of my favourite venues! So I was very excited when Alice and Joe asked me to capture their special day this September. One a beautiful, late summer’s day, Alice and Joe tied the knot in front of their nearest and dearest inside the beautiful barn before mingling and chatting with their guests in the lovely sunshine.

The dining room was decorated beautifully with soft, vintage touches as well as bright and colourful flowers by White Horse Flower Co. Guests were even given gingerbread men as favors which certainly went down well amongst the guests!

An absolutely gorgeous day, thank you so much for letting me be a tiny part of it xx

If you’d like to speak to me about capturing your Clock Barn wedding, or at any other venue for that matter, feel free to contact me here.

clock-barn-wedding-002 clock-barn-wedding-003 clock-barn-wedding-004 clock-barn-wedding-005 clock-barn-wedding-006 clock-barn-wedding-007 clock-barn-wedding-008 clock-barn-wedding-009 clock-barn-wedding-010 Joe&Alice-178_Mia-Photography Joe&Alice-200_Mia-Photography Joe&Alice-212_Mia-Photography Joe&Alice-222_Mia-Photography Joe&Alice-256_Mia-Photography Joe&Alice-267_Mia-Photography Joe&Alice-292_Mia-Photography Joe&Alice-297_Mia-Photography Joe&Alice-302_Mia-Photography Joe&Alice-308_Mia-Photography Joe&Alice-316_Mia-Photography Joe&Alice-319_Mia-Photography Joe&Alice-326_Mia-Photography Joe&Alice-329_Mia-Photography Joe&Alice-340_Mia-Photography Joe&Alice-360_Mia-Photography Joe&Alice-368_Mia-Photography Joe&Alice-387_Mia-Photography Joe&Alice-410_Mia-Photography Joe&Alice-440_Mia-Photography Joe&Alice-495_Mia-Photography Joe&Alice-501_Mia-Photography Joe&Alice-537_Mia-Photography Joe&Alice-541_Mia-Photography Joe&Alice-545_Mia-Photography Joe&Alice-554_Mia-Photography

Newhouse Estate & The Silver Plough, Wiltshire – Katie & Mike

Newhouse Estate & The Silver Plough, Wiltshire – Katie & Mike

newhouse-estate-wedding-001Katie & Mike tied the knot one bright and sunny late summer’s day at the simply stunning Newhouse Estate in Wiltshire. The stately home is drenched in history and covered in old paintings showing the many family members who have lived their over the years, and is set in gorgeous green gardens making a perfect setting for a wedding.

After saying their vows and having their photos taken outside, guests all piled back in the vintage bus and made their way to Katie & Mike’s country pub – The Silver Plough in Salisbury. Katie had decorated the dining room perfectly in pink vintage touches giving the classic English pub a whole new look!

A fabulous day and a fabulous little family, thank you so much for letting me be a small part of your special day. A big thank you to Clare West too who second shot for me on the day, some of these photos are her’s.

newhouse-estate-wedding-002 newhouse-estate-wedding-003 newhouse-estate-wedding-004 newhouse-estate-wedding-005 newhouse-estate-wedding-006 Mike&Katie-059_Mia-Photography Mike&Katie-083_Mia-Photography Mike&Katie-089_Mia-Photography Mike&Katie-099_Mia-Photography Mike&Katie-108_Mia-Photography Mike&Katie-129_Mia-Photography Mike&Katie-146_Mia-Photography Mike&Katie-155_Mia-Photography Mike&Katie-156_Mia-Photography Mike&Katie-174_Mia-Photography Mike&Katie-209_Mia-Photography Mike&Katie-227_Mia-Photography Mike&Katie-250_Mia-Photography Mike&Katie-291_Mia-Photography Mike&Katie-302_Mia-Photography Mike&Katie-311_Mia-Photography Mike&Katie-343_Mia-Photography Mike&Katie-370_Mia-Photography Mike&Katie-394_Mia-Photography Mike&Katie-403_Mia-Photography Mike&Katie-451_Mia-Photography Mike&Katie-456_Mia-Photography Mike&Katie-462_Mia-Photography Mike&Katie-465_Mia-Photography Mike&Katie-470_Mia-Photography Mike&Katie-479_Mia-Photography Mike&Katie-485_Mia-Photography Mike&Katie-499_Mia-Photography Mike&Katie-500_Mia-Photography Mike&Katie-510_Mia-Photography Mike&Katie-520_Mia-Photography Mike&Katie-526_Mia-Photography Mike&Katie-535_Mia-Photography Mike&Katie-580_Mia-Photography Mike&Katie-643_Mia-Photography Mike&Katie-700_Mia-Photography Mike&Katie-737_Mia-Photography Mike&Katie-744_Mia-Photography Mike&Katie-782_Mia-Photography

The Solent Hotel – Rochelle & Simon

The Solent Hotel – Rochelle & Simon

the-solent-hotel-wedding-001Rochelle and Simon tied the knot in front of their nearest and dearest on a late summers day at The Solent Hotel in Whiteley. Rochelle and Simon were hoping for a wonderfully chilled and relaxed day celebrating with their closest friends and family, and happily, that’s exactly what they got.

The wedding was floral decorated by one of my favourite florists – Owen at Little Lillies – making their purple lit wedding breakfast room look even more fantastic.

A fantastic day, tank you for letting me be a little bit part of it!

the-solent-hotel-wedding-002 the-solent-hotel-wedding-003 the-solent-hotel-wedding-004 the-solent-hotel-wedding-004 the-solent-hotel-wedding-005 Simon&Rochelle-050_Mia-Photography Simon&Rochelle-058_Mia-Photography Simon&Rochelle-072_Mia-Photography Simon&Rochelle-078_Mia-Photography Simon&Rochelle-084_Mia-Photography Simon&Rochelle-091_Mia-Photography Simon&Rochelle-094_Mia-Photography Simon&Rochelle-108_Mia-Photography Simon&Rochelle-132_Mia-Photography Simon&Rochelle-143_Mia-Photography Simon&Rochelle-180_Mia-Photography Simon&Rochelle-183_Mia-Photography Simon&Rochelle-188_Mia-Photography Simon&Rochelle-192_Mia-Photography Simon&Rochelle-198_Mia-Photography Simon&Rochelle-201_Mia-Photography Simon&Rochelle-220_Mia-Photography Simon&Rochelle-232_Mia-Photography Simon&Rochelle-238_Mia-Photography Simon&Rochelle-268_Mia-Photography Simon&Rochelle-280_Mia-Photography Simon&Rochelle-318_Mia-Photography Simon&Rochelle-362_Mia-Photography Simon&Rochelle-400_Mia-Photography Simon&Rochelle-445_Mia-Photography Simon&Rochelle-448_Mia-Photography Simon&Rochelle-459_Mia-Photography

The Woodlands Lodge Hotel – Sarah & Gareth

The Woodlands Lodge Hotel – Sarah & Gareth

the-woodlands-lodge-hotel-wedding-001Gareth & Sarah had a wonderfully intimate wedding at Woodlands Lodge Hotel in the ever gorgeous New Forest this September. Woodlands Lodge is a lovely little boutique hotel with a huge pretty garden, just perfect for late summer wedding when guests can still enjoy the last of the sunshine outside.

I loved Sarah & Gareth’s yellow and grey colour scheme, and especially liked how the florist had decorated the flower vases with slices of lemon – what a great touch! The little flower girls looked adorable in their yellow dresses too, as did the dog with matching bow!

A perfect day, thank you so much for having me along and making me feel so welcome.

If you’d like to speak to me about capturing your Woodlands Lodge Hotel wedding, feel free to contact me here.

the-woodlands-lodge-hotel-wedding-002 the-woodlands-lodge-hotel-wedding-003  the-woodlands-lodge-hotel-wedding-004 the-woodlands-lodge-hotel-wedding-005 the-woodlands-lodge-hotel-wedding-006 the-woodlands-lodge-hotel-wedding-007 the-woodlands-lodge-hotel-wedding-008 the-woodlands-lodge-hotel-wedding-009 the-woodlands-lodge-hotel-wedding-010 Gareth&Sarah-141_Mia-Photography Gareth&Sarah-213_Mia-Photography Gareth&Sarah-215_Mia-Photography Gareth&Sarah-225_Mia-Photography Gareth&Sarah-227_Mia-Photography Gareth&Sarah-249_Mia-Photography Gareth&Sarah-280_Mia-Photography Gareth&Sarah-289_Mia-Photography Gareth&Sarah-293_Mia-Photography Gareth&Sarah-312_Mia-Photography Gareth&Sarah-318_Mia-Photography Gareth&Sarah-334_Mia-Photography Gareth&Sarah-338_Mia-Photography Gareth&Sarah-343_Mia-Photography Gareth&Sarah-396_Mia-Photography Gareth&Sarah-443_Mia-Photography Gareth&Sarah-469_Mia-Photography Gareth&Sarah-472_Mia-Photography Gareth&Sarah-479_Mia-Photography Gareth&Sarah-514_Mia-Photography