Beach Weddings Bournemouth – Vicky & Simon

Beach Weddings Bournemouth – Vicky & Simon

Beach-weddings-bournemouth-001Beach Weddings Bournemouth is one of my all time favourite venues, and so when Vicky & Simon asked me to capture their late August wedding this year I was delighted! This venue never disappoints and has the most wonderful team of staff who are always on hand to help in anyway they can.

Vicky got ready with her bridesmaid at The Marriott Hotel which is just above Beach Weddings Bournemouth on the cliff top, before traveling down in the lifts to walk along the sand, arm in arm with her Dad, to meet Simon at the bottom of the aisle. Friends and family were then treated to ice creams on the beach before going inside for a delicious BBQ and some very funny and heartfelt speeches. A gorgeous day, thank you so much for letting Dan and I be a tiny part of it xx

If you’d like to chat to me about photographing your wedding at Beach Weddings Bournemouth, please drop me an email here.

Beach-weddings-bournemouth-002 Beach-weddings-bournemouth-003 Beach-weddings-bournemouth-004 Beach-weddings-bournemouth-005 Beach-weddings-bournemouth-006 Beach-weddings-bournemouth-007 Beach-weddings-bournemouth-008 Beach-weddings-bournemouth-009 Beach-weddings-bournemouth-010 Simon&Vicky-176_Mia-Photography Simon&Vicky-179_Mia-Photography Simon&Vicky-196_Mia-Photography Simon&Vicky-224_Mia-Photography Simon&Vicky-228_Mia-Photography Simon&Vicky-234_Mia-Photography Simon&Vicky-256_Mia-Photography Simon&Vicky-266_Mia-Photography Simon&Vicky-269_Mia-Photography Simon&Vicky-273_Mia-Photography Simon&Vicky-279_Mia-Photography Simon&Vicky-288_Mia-Photography Simon&Vicky-306_Mia-Photography Simon&Vicky-329_Mia-Photography Simon&Vicky-386_Mia-Photography Simon&Vicky-387_Mia-Photography Simon&Vicky-399_Mia-Photography Simon&Vicky-493_Mia-Photography

Selden Barn wedding – Angela & Scott

Selden Barn wedding – Angela & Scott

Selden-Barn-wedding-001Angela & Scott said their vows in front of their nearest and dearest at the glorious Selden Barn in West Sussex one wonderfully hot day in August. This wedding had some of the most beautiful details I’ve ever seen – as theatre lovers and workers, Angela and Scott have a love of Peter Pan, where they drew their inspiration for their decor. The pipes and thimbles on the tables were certainly a great talking point! The reception was also lit beautifully and thoughtfully with colourful up lighters adding to the atmosphere perfectly, plus check out their unusual wedding cake – you’ll love it! Even the garden was decorated beautiful with lights in the evening. What a wonderful day, thank you for sharing it with me.

If you’d like to speak to me about photographing your Selden Barn wedding or any other, feel free to contact me here.

Selden-Barn-wedding-002 Selden-Barn-wedding-003 Selden-Barn-wedding-004 Selden-Barn-wedding-005 Selden-Barn-wedding-006 Selden-Barn-wedding-007 Selden-Barn-wedding-008 Selden-Barn-wedding-009 Selden-Barn-wedding-0010 Scott&Angela-171_Mia-Photography Scott&Angela-185_Mia-Photography Scott&Angela-236_Mia-Photography Scott&Angela-243_Mia-Photography Scott&Angela-248_Mia-Photography Scott&Angela-264_Mia-Photography Scott&Angela-272_Mia-Photography Scott&Angela-281_Mia-Photography Scott&Angela-285_Mia-Photography Scott&Angela-293_Mia-Photography Scott&Angela-296_Mia-Photography Scott&Angela-304_Mia-Photography Scott&Angela-332_Mia-Photography Scott&Angela-350_Mia-Photography Scott&Angela-434_Mia-Photography Scott&Angela-453_Mia-Photography Scott&Angela-461_Mia-Photography Scott&Angela-501_Mia-Photography Scott&Angela-508_Mia-Photography Scott&Angela-543_Mia-Photography Scott&Angela-572_Mia-Photography Scott&Angela-613_Mia-Photography

Beach Weddings Bournemouth Wedding – Kate & Ed

Beach Weddings Bournemouth Wedding – Kate & Ed

Beach-weddings-Bournemouth-Wedding-001Ahhh, I love a Beach Weddings Bournemouth wedding! So I was over the moon when the lovely Kate & Ed asked me to photograph theirs this summer. Although it promised to rain, the sunshine just about held out and everyone was thankfully able to enjoy the beach without getting wet. Kate’s Mum had organised her a horse and carriage as a surprise to get from The Norfolk Hotel in Bournemouth to the beach, something which Kate had dreamed of ever since she was a child! Ed was also able to enjoy it and they both took a ride around the sights of Bournemouth after the ceremony and before everyone went in for dinner.

Everything about this wedding was beautiful and Kate & Ed were certainly one of the happiest couples I’ve ever had the pleasure to photograph. A big thank you to Clare too who second shot this wedding with me, some of these photos are taken by her.

If you’d like to speak to me about photographing your Beach Weddings Bournemouth wedding, feel free to contact me here.

Beach-weddings-Bournemouth-Wedding-002 Beach-weddings-Bournemouth-Wedding-003 Beach-weddings-Bournemouth-Wedding-004 Beach-weddings-Bournemouth-Wedding-005 Beach-weddings-Bournemouth-Wedding-006 Beach-weddings-Bournemouth-Wedding-007 Beach-weddings-Bournemouth-Wedding-008 Beach-weddings-Bournemouth-Wedding-009 Beach-weddings-Bournemouth-Wedding-010 Ed&Kate-152_Mia-Photography Ed&Kate-182_Mia-Photography Ed&Kate-190_Mia-Photography Ed&Kate-197_Mia-Photography Ed&Kate-220_Mia-Photography Ed&Kate-249_Mia-Photography Ed&Kate-302_Mia-Photography Ed&Kate-309_Mia-Photography Ed&Kate-365_Mia-Photography Ed&Kate-371_Mia-Photography Ed&Kate-386_Mia-Photography Ed&Kate-393_Mia-Photography Ed&Kate-429_Mia-Photography Ed&Kate-464_Mia-Photography Ed&Kate-467_Mia-Photography Ed&Kate-473_Mia-Photography Ed&Kate-507_Mia-Photography Ed&Kate-518_Mia-Photography Ed&Kate-525_Mia-Photography Ed&Kate-532_Mia-Photography Ed&Kate-539_Mia-Photography Ed&Kate-542_Mia-Photography Ed&Kate-552_Mia-Photography Ed&Kate-555_Mia-Photography Ed&Kate-570_Mia-Photography Ed&Kate-579_Mia-Photography Ed&Kate-679_Mia-Photography Ed&Kate-683_Mia-Photography Ed&Kate-687_Mia-Photography Ed&Kate-697_Mia-Photography Ed&Kate-738_Mia-Photography Ed&Kate-756_Mia-Photography

Wedding Albums!

Wedding Albums!

So you think you might like a beautiful wedding album… and why not – it’ll be your first heirloom as a married couple and something you can treasure forever. So let’s make it a good’un!

My beautiful, hand-bound and real leather albums come in a variety of colours so you can match it to your wedding style, and range in size and numbers of pages.

Due to the crazy state of the world right now and the fact that I suddenly find myself with an abundance of free time, I’m knocking £100 off each album for a very short while.

8×8” 20 page leather album £350 now £250

10×10” 30 page leather album £500 now £400

12×12” 40 page leather album £650 now £550


Let me know if you’d like to go ahead with your album and I’ll forward you a spreadsheet so you can make your photo selection. Once you’re ready to get going, follow the instructions below on what happens next.

How to select the photos for your album

The album process begins by you selecting your favourite photos. The number of photos displayed in your album can vary slightly depending on the types of photos you choose, however I will do my very best to fit in as many as I can without compromising the design. I find the best thing to do is to ask you to over pick the numbers for your album, but expect slightly less to make it. This allows for me to have some leeway and creativity when designing each page spread. Therefore, please follow the guide below when picking quantities for your album:

8×8″ 20 page album – holds approx 60 photos however please pick around 70

10×10″ 30 page album – holds approx 90 photos but please pick around 100

12×12″ 40 page album – holds approx 120 photos but please pick around 130

The album process is quite a fluid one so if you’re struggling to cut your selection down or to fit it to the quantities above, we can always add in a few extra individual adhoc pages as well. Two extra pages (an extra spread) is £20.

Once the album has been designed, I will email it over to you to check and proof where you’ll be able to suggest any changes you might like to try. Please also try to avoid picking too many black and white photos as this can make an album look a little drab.

Here’s my selection of beautiful real leather covers; let me know which one you’d like!

I’ll also need to know how you’d like your names (for example Dave or David) and which way round together you’d like them displayed (for example David & Sarah or Sarah & Dave, etc).

Parent albums are also available as gifts – these are identical versions of your album and come in a linen cover. These are usually £200 each however under the offer they’re now £175 each; let me know at the time of order if you’d like me to include any of these.

Any questions please just ask!

Mia xx

Marwell Hotel Wedding – Kirsty & Kate

Marwell Hotel Wedding – Kirsty & Kate

Kate&Kirsty-195_Mia-PhotographyKirsty & Kate tied the knot at the beautiful Marwell Hotel in Hampshire on a wonderfully hot and sunny day in August amongst their closest friends and family. As the hotel is close to Marwell zoo, the hotel has a very outdoorsy/woodland feel with hints of wild animals everywhere and a huge back garden full of trees. Kate & Kirsty carried the woodland feel throughout their details, with ivy and small wooden logs beautiful decorated around the dining room. The main colours were green and white, giving everything a clean and fresh feel, complimenting the hotel perfectly.

A wonderful day and a wonderful couple, thank you so much for having me along!

Kate&Kirsty-001_Mia-Photography Kate&Kirsty-007_Mia-Photography Kate&Kirsty-009_Mia-Photography Kate&Kirsty-024_Mia-Photography Kate&Kirsty-033_Mia-Photography Kate&Kirsty-042_Mia-Photography Kate&Kirsty-068_Mia-Photography Kate&Kirsty-096_Mia-Photography Kate&Kirsty-117_Mia-Photography Kate&Kirsty-141_Mia-Photography Kate&Kirsty-157_Mia-Photography Kate&Kirsty-198_Mia-Photography Kate&Kirsty-201_Mia-Photography Kate&Kirsty-210_Mia-Photography Kate&Kirsty-217_Mia-Photography Kate&Kirsty-218_Mia-Photography Kate&Kirsty-227_Mia-Photography Kate&Kirsty-234_Mia-Photography Kate&Kirsty-271_Mia-Photography Kate&Kirsty-300_Mia-Photography Kate&Kirsty-327_Mia-Photography Kate&Kirsty-329_Mia-Photography Kate&Kirsty-393_Mia-Photography Kate&Kirsty-440_Mia-Photography Kate&Kirsty-454_Mia-Photography Kate&Kirsty-458_Mia-Photography Kate&Kirsty-497_Mia-Photography