Marquee Garden Wedding in Salisbury – Laura & Mark

Marquee Garden Wedding in Salisbury – Laura & Mark

Marquee garden wedding in salisburyI absolutely love it when I get to shoot weddings which are celebrated in the gardens of friends and family of the bride and groom – they’re always so laid back and extra fun. Mark & Laura said their vows in front of friends and family St Michael’s Church in Salisbury, before jumping into a fabulously decorated golf buggy and zipping across the road to Laura’s parents’ house. Mark is a professional golfer, and so they had cleverly added a few little golfing touches along the day, such as some of the decor in the marquee as well as exiting from the Church through an archway of golf clubs!

Laura’s parents’ garden made the most beautiful backdrop for the photos, and even had a picturesque bridge which Laura & Mark stood on for some of their couples photos. In fact the whole afternoon was picturesque – guests were able to chat and mingle over canapes and champers in the sunshine, before all going inside for a delicious 3 course meal, several heartfelt speeches, and eventually a good ol’ boogie.

Thank you so much for having me there to capture the day, I absolutely loved it.

If you’d like to chat to me about photographing your marquee garden wedding, or any other type for that matter, feel free to contact me here.

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Garden Marquee Wedding – Judy & Simon

Garden Marquee Wedding – Judy & Simon

Garden Marquee Wedding 001One of my all time favourite types of weddings are garden marquee weddings – I just love how laid back and relaxed they are when the marquee is somewhere that the couple feel comfortable and familiar with. Plus you can make it totally unique to you without fear that it looks like someone else’s wedding…not to mention no music curfew! (If you have understanding neighbours of course).

Judy & Simon’s wedding absolutely didn’t disappoint, as they had a huge marquee erected in a family friends’ beautiful garden, which was big enough to fit all of their many friends and family. It was a gorgeously hot July day, so after they said their vows and sang the worship songs, guests were able to sit and mingle out in the sunshine and enjoy the hotdog canapés.

The fabulous garden in full bloom made a perfect backdrop for their family and couple shots, before everyone was seated inside to enjoy the food and the evening’s entertainment.

A truly fabulous day, thank you so much for sharing it with me!

If you’d like to discuss me shooting your garden marquee wedding or any other type for that matter, feel free to contact me here.

Garden Marquee Wedding 002 Garden Marquee Wedding 003 Garden Marquee Wedding 004 Garden Marquee Wedding 005 Garden Marquee Wedding 006 Garden Marquee Wedding 007 Garden Marquee Wedding 008 Garden Marquee Wedding 009 Garden Marquee Wedding 010 Simon&Judy-130_Mia-Photography Simon&Judy-142_Mia-Photography Simon&Judy-154_Mia-Photography Simon&Judy-187_Mia-Photography Simon&Judy-226_Mia-Photography Simon&Judy-307_Mia-Photography Simon&Judy-319_Mia-Photography Simon&Judy-322_Mia-Photography Simon&Judy-326_Mia-Photography Simon&Judy-338_Mia-Photography Simon&Judy-345_Mia-Photography Simon&Judy-354_Mia-Photography Simon&Judy-358_Mia-Photography Simon&Judy-362_Mia-Photography Simon&Judy-385_Mia-Photography Simon&Judy-406_Mia-Photography Simon&Judy-407_Mia-Photography Simon&Judy-421_Mia-Photography Simon&Judy-430_Mia-Photography Simon&Judy-499_Mia-Photography Simon&Judy-507_Mia-Photography Simon&Judy-535_Mia-Photography



Who doesn’t love a beautiful wedding album?! A wedding album is your first family heirloom which you’ll own together and a physical treasured memory of your day. So lets make it a good’un!


Your Album

You have selected to have a 12×12″ Fine Art album with 30 pages and a leather cover.

These beautiful albums come in many different cover colours and contain roughly 90 of your favourite photos. If you’d like to stick to this size, then please send me your selection of top 100 photos on the spreadsheet attached to your email (but expect around 90 to make it).

If you decide you would like more pages in your album and therefore more photos, feel free to add an additional 10 pages for £150, and select another 30 images.


How to select the photos for your album

The album process begins by you selecting your favourite photos for your album. The number of photos displayed in your album can vary slightly depending on the types of photos you choose – for example, if you select a lot of photos of just the two of you, then these are likely to be displayed as large full page spreads which will take up lots of pages. If however, you tend to select a lot of family and friend shots, then multiples of these can fit on the same page and so take up less space over all. The latter may therefore result in more than the stated number of photos fitting in the finished album, although it’s hard to generalise as every album is so different from the last.

I find the best thing to do is to ask you to over pick the numbers for your album, but expect slightly less to make it. This allows for me to have some leeway and creativity when designing each page spread.

Don’t worry though if I end up not using one which you’ve picked and love – once the album has been designed, I will email it over to you to check and proof. This is a great opportunity for you to tell me what you think and if you’d like any pages changed. It’s at this stage I can add or remove some images, or swap some for others. Therefore, if I have missed one you love, we can certainly put it back in then. Please also try too avoid picking too many black and white photos as this can make an album look a little drab.

Please use the spreadsheet attached in your email to pick your selection; just indicate your choice by putting a x in the box next to the number and email it back to me.

You album is available in the following colours, let me know which you would like;

After I’ve received your selection I’ll get designing! So look out for an email from me with the proofs shortly after. Any questions – give me a shout!

Thank You cards

Thank You cards are also available which I can design for you with several images on the front and a personalised message inside. These are £1.50 each for gloss and £2 each for matt, plus £5 postage. These include envelopes – let me know if you’d like me to design them for you as well.

Beach Weddings Bournemouth – Sophie & Matt

Beach Weddings Bournemouth – Sophie & Matt

Beach Weddings Bournemouth weddingAhh, what an absolutely gorgeous day for a beach wedding! Last month, Sophie & Matt got married at one of my favourite venues of all time – Beach Weddings Bournemouth down on the Dorset coast on a gloriously hot and sunny day. Beach Weddings Bournemouth never fail to impress me with how incredibly well Melanie and her team run the day, making everything go so smoothly and giving their bride and grooms the most wonderful experience.

Sophie’s day started in a lovely boutique hotel called The Cottonwood Boutique Hotel, where she got ready for the day ahead with her Mum and bridesmaids. Then, as their guests arrived and took their seats in the marquee on the sand below, Sophie, her Dad and bridesmaids got the lifts down the cliffs and to her eagerly waiting Matt at the altar.

After some heartfelt vows and even a sing-along, guests mingled and chatted out on the sand whilst we took some family photos.

Everyone later enjoyed their meal followed by the speeches, before Sophie & Matt had their couple’s shots taken in the early evening, just as the light began to get soft and golden.

Once everyone was finished on the beach, guests all made their way back to The Cottonwood Boutique Hotel for the evening reception, where everyone danced the night away as the sun went down over Bournemouth beach.

Thanks you so much for having me, I had such a fantastic day. A big thank you to Clare West for shooting along side me, and to Matt at Teardrop Films for all his help too, as always xx

If you’d like to talk to me about photographing your Beach Weddings Bournemouth wedding, or any other for that matter, feel free to contact me here.

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Festival Wedding at Holton Lee – Dave & Ana

Festival Wedding at Holton Lee – Dave & Ana

festival wedding photographyO my goodness, I don’t even know where to start with how amazing Ana & Dave’s festival wedding was!! Everything was just utterly utterly brilliant, from the way it looked, to the weather, to the food, to the music, to how lovely everyone was…wow.

Ana & Dave’s festival wedding was held at Holton Lee in Poole, which is a big field just perfect for big outside parties. The grounds hold a wedding license, and because the sun was shining they were lucky enough to get to say their vows in front of family and friends, outside surrounded by fabulous views of the neighboring countryside.

After the ceremony, guests mingled and chatted over handfuls of popcorn and summer drinks, whilst we took the opportunity to take the family photos and of course, throw some confetti.

Next it was time for the food, and Dave & Ana had the brilliant idea of having picnics on the tables; so guests were still seated but each table had a hamper on it containing yummy salads, pies, cheese and breads. This got all the tables sharing the food together which just added to the warm atmosphere. After speeches and cutting the awesome rice crispy cake, we went off into the woods for their couple shots, just as the light was starting to dim slightly.

Once back at the festival, the bands were just getting started – first up were a cider lovin’ West Country band which got everyone in the mood for the party. Even when the rain suddenly started pouring down, the dancing wasn’t interrupted, especially when a glorious rainbow then appeared over the whole of the festival.

Absolutely one of the most brilliant days I’ve ever been lucky enough to capture, thank you so much for having me as your wedding photographer! A huge thank you to Clare West as well who shot alongside me, many of these photos are taken by her too.

If you’d like to talk to me about photographing your festival wedding or any other type for that matter, feel free to contact me here.


Flowers – Flowers by Becky   *   Bands – Skimmity Hitchers   *   Festival Sons   *   Ben Dlugokecki

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