Hotel Borgo San Rocco In Sicily – Destination wedding photography – Rich & Vicki

Hotel Borgo San Rocco In Sicily – Destination wedding photography – Rich & Vicki

Well what can I say?! Other than how incredibly lucky was I to get to fly to the utterly magical and picturesque Hotel Borgo San Rocco in Sicily for the wonderful wedding of Vicki and Rich this summer. I can’t thank these guys enough for the opportunity to join them on their adventure and be part of something so beautiful and so special.

After meeting completely randomly online whilst buying a load of flamingo decorated coasters, Vicki and I got to chatting and she told me about how her and her fiance were planning their wedding in Sicily. After I made a joke about them flying me out to shoot it Vicki had a peek at my website, decided she liked what she saw and asked me if I would actually join them out there! So clearly, it was fate and just meant to be.

Vicki & Rich said their vows in the small town hall like building called Cheisa Di San Rocco up on the hill. The insides of the building are remarkably built like the inside of a ship, not what you’d expect at all but wonderfully unusual. After saying their vows via a translator, Vicki & Rich and their guests spilled out onto the square outside where the music celebrations began. Everyone was in hysterics as the Sicilian guitar man and the percussionists entertained everyone with dancing and singing before we all walked down the hill and back to the hotel for canapés.

After more music, drinking and dancing, everyone went down to the pool area for a delicious 6 course meal which I was lucky enough to be included in. The table was decorated beautiful with gorgeous little touches all put together by Vicki.

The evening continued with dancing and laughter before being topped off with their friend and videographer Skinny, showing a brilliantly funny spoof video he had made for them.

Thank you SO much for giving me such an amazing opportunity and for looking after me so well. You guys are wonderful, I’ll remember my little trip forever. Lots of love to you both and wishing you a long and happy life and love together xx

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